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  • X-Men ’97
    executive producer Brad Winderbaum teases which comic book arcs to read before Season 2.
  • Chris Claremont’s legendary work shaped iconic X-Men stories, and Winderbaum suggests fans begin with his decades-long run.
  • The Age of Apocalypse
    arc is a fan-favorite, and also essential reading ahead of the new season.

As fans eagerly anticipate the second season of X-Men ’97, many are looking for ways to stay immersed in the world of mutants and their epic adventures. In a recent interview with Collider’s Maggie Lovitt, Marvel executive producer Brad Winderbaum offered some valuable insights into which comics could assist in viewers’ understanding and enjoyment of the upcoming season. Lovitt, expressing her excitement for the continuation of the series, asked Winderbaum for comic recommendations to revisit during the wait, noting that she knew the Age of Apocalypse arc would be key. Winderbaum’s response highlighted the timelessness of certain storylines and the importance of Chris Claremont’s contributions to the X-Men universe.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, especially this far out, but you can’t go wrong with Claremont. Filling in the gaps of Claremont’s decades-long run on the books is always a great place to start for the show.”

Claremont’s tenure on Uncanny X-Men is legendary, having penned many of the most iconic and beloved stories in the X-Men saga. From the introduction of key characters to unforgettable arcs, including the Savage Land arc, Claremont’s work has shaped the X-Men into the complex, multifaceted team that fans adore. For those unfamiliar with Claremont’s work or looking to revisit his stories, some of the essential arcs include:

Story Arc


Publication Date

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Delves into Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix and the struggle between her human and cosmic natures.


Days of Future Past

A time-travel tale exploring a dystopian future where mutants are hunted by Sentinels, and the X-Men’s fight to prevent it.


God Loves, Man Kills

A graphic novel tackling themes of prejudice and intolerance, often cited as one of the best X-Men stories ever told.


The Age of Apocalypse Is a Must for ‘X-Men ’97’ Fans

Lovitt’s mention of the Age of Apocalypse arc is also noteworthy. This alternate reality storyline, where Charles Xavier is dead and Magneto leads the X-Men against Apocalypse, offers a rich tapestry of character dynamics and high-stakes drama. Rogue and Magneto’s relationship, highlighted in the first season of X-Men ’97, is one of the many intriguing elements of this saga. The Age of Apocalypse is not just a fan-favorite but also a pivotal narrative that showcases what happens when the X-Men are pushed to their limits in a world turned upside down. Revisiting this arc can provide fans with deeper context and appreciation for the themes explored in X-Men ’97.

For those eager to dive deeper into the lore, Winderbaum’s suggestion to fill in the gaps of Claremont’s extensive run offers an exciting challenge. With decades of stories to choose from, there’s no shortage of material to explore. Whether it’s the early adventures of the new team introduced in Giant-Size X-Men #1, the complex relationships and political intrigue of the Hellfire Club, or the expansive Mutant Massacre, Claremont’s run is a treasure trove of storytelling.

As X-Men ’97 continues to build on the rich legacy of the original series, diving back into the comics that inspired it can enhance the viewing experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of mutants, exploring Chris Claremont’s iconic stories and the Age of Apocalypse arc will provide a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the characters and their journeys. So grab your favorite issues, settle in, and get ready for another thrilling season of X-Men ’97.

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