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  • Jake Gyllenhaal brought his comedic timing to
    with strange characters and musical references, making for a great episode.
  • The cold open teased Trump’s VP pick, featuring impressions of Tim Scott, Kristi Noem, and even Hannibal Lecter as a candidate.
  • Gyllenhaal’s monologue for
    ‘s Season 49 finale included jokes about being the last host before Season 50 and a Boyz II Men parody.

This week’s Saturday Night Live brought Jake Gyllenhaal back to Studio 8H with musical guest Sabrina Carpenter! Gyllenhaal, who has hosted two times prior to this episode, always delivers a great episode of Saturday Night Live, and this was no different! Gyllenhaal used his comedic timing to really bring some strange characters to life in this week’s episode with references to musicals, Scooby Doo, and a dad who just could not stop eating cookies. But it all started with the cold open and the monologue!

‘SNL’ Teases Trump’s VP Running Mate Pick in Opening Monologue

Donald Trump is back and James Austin Johnson‘s impression of the former president was on full display outside of his “new home” — a barricade in front of a New York courthouse. Talking about how he would rather not be president at the end of this because he likes just pretending that the election was stolen from him and raising money to waste on that instead. Still, he knows that he’s probably going to be the president again and people want to know who his vice president is going to be.

First, he brings out Tim Scott (Devon Walker) and plays up attempting to get the “Black vote” if he picks Scott. Then Kristi Noem (Heidi Gardner) comes out with a stuffed dog in hand ready to kill without warning. The two share some jokes before Trump says that the choice he really wants is a man he is obsessed with that he cannot stop talking about: Hannibal Lecter. Yes, the cannibal from The Silence of the Lambs. They have Lecter (Michael Longfellow) roll out on stage and Trump talks about how great he is before Johnson gives us the iconic “Live from New York, it is Saturday Night” and we have to think of a world where Hannibal Lecter is a vice presidential candidate.

Jake Gyllenhaal Opens ‘SNL’s Season 49 Finale

This is the 49th season of Saturday Night Live. And of course, they had to bring out the big guns for the finale! Gyllenhaal made plenty of jokes about how he is the last host of Season 49 and not the first host of Season 50, but he took the duty with pride as he did his monologue. Talking briefly about his work with Connor McGregor in his new movie, Road House, Gyllenhaal then spent the rest of his monologue focusing instead on the fact that he was stuck in 49 and not hosting in Season 50.

To show his love for the 49th season and the final episode, he decided to sing his own version of “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men about the people who said no to hosting the last episode of the season. It was funny and simple, and with Gyllenhaal having fun with it the monologue set the hilarious tone for the rest of the episode.

The full episode of Saturday Night Live is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.

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