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  • The
    Dance Moms
    reunion saw Abby Lee Miller banned due to past trauma and conflicts with cast members.
  • Former students revisited iconic moments from the series and processed some of the trauma they went through.
  • Miller expressed frustration at missing the reunion, claiming the girls’ success was due to her making them stars on the show.

At the bottom of the pyramid…Abby Lee Miller! The Dance Moms star did not return for the highly anticipated reunion, and many fans thought it made sense due to her relationship with the girls and the moms. However, reveals that Lifetime has reportedly revoked Miller’s invite to the reunion. The reason for her ban from the reunion is simple: She wasn’t wanted.

“Cast members drew a line in the sand, refusing to share the stage with Abby Lee Miller,” a source said. “The scars of their past experiences with her run deep — and the mere thought of being in her presence again was too much to bear. The trauma inflicted by Abby still lingers, casting a dark shadow over any potential reconciliation.”

Many fans believe that Miller’s absence from the reunion made sense. Brooke Hyland, Paige Hyland, Jojo Siwa, Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, and Kalani Hilliker all gathered to share their experiences with their former dance teacher. Maddie Ziegler, Kenzie Ziegler, and Nia Siouxskipped the reunion, and the reasons were simple, its not exactly fun to relive the trauma they went through as a child. The other former Dance Moms stars went over the most iconic moments while processing the trauma that Miller put them through. The Hyland sisters revisited the iconic moment where their mother, Kelly Hyland, left the show for the last time, whilst Lukasiak opened up about constantly being made to compete against Maddie Ziegler. Although viewers may deem these moments iconic, the former Abby Lee Dance Company students who experienced Miller in real life do not seem to think so.

Abby Lee Miller Responded to Missing the ‘Dance Moms’ Reunion

Abby Lee Miller stands in the middle of the 'Dance Moms' children.
Image via LifeTime

Regarding the statements about being banned from the reunion, Miller has yet to respond. However, she did have a lot to say about missing the reunion, and she was not happy whatsoever. She took her frustrations to Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast Just B with Bethenny Frankel earlier this week. “I think the kids can’t face me,” she said. “Because they know they would never be where they are today if it wasn’t for the show.” She continued:

“There’s two little girls named Brooke and Paige who I was very close to, much closer emotionally and family-wise than any of the other kids. Their mother was in my original competition team when I was fourteen years old — their mother. And she stayed in my studio, then she left, got married had kids, brought them to my studio at two years old, and stayed until the show started.”

The Dance Moms cast had not responded to Miler’s comments on the podcast. Fans knew that Miller and Hyland had a major history, which made their relationship strained on the show. Miller also went on to claim that Lifetime wanted her to “scream” at the kids because it made “good TV.”

Dance Moms: The Reunion is currently available to stream on Lifetime.

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