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  • Fallout
    Season 1 wrapped up with a promising finale, paving the way for new characters and factions to explore in Season 2.
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones’ character Dane shines in Season 1, hinting at bold moves and developments to look forward to in the upcoming season.
  • The series stars Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Clifton Moten.

The eighth and final episode of the first season of Prime Video’s Fallout did a terrific job of giving audiences just enough to satisfy their hunger for the plot while also leaving the vault door open for so much more to come in Season 2. From new characters to further exploration of factions like the New California Republic, there’s a lot to look forward to when the viewership-smashing seriesreturns for another round. At the heart of the production, it’s the stories of characters like Ella Purnell’s Lucy, Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul, and Aaron Clifton Moten’s Maximus that really do the hard work of pulling viewers in whether they’ve been dedicated players of the game series or never heard of the title prior to the TV adaptation.

One of those characters that audiences grew to love throughout the first season was Xelia Mendes-Jones’ Dane. Young, ready to learn, and eager to become part of the Brotherhood of Steel, Dane can’t get enough of their formed family and has lofty aspirations of making their way up in the faction. During an interview with Perri Nemiroff for Collider Forces, Mendes-Jones shared a bit of insight into how he sees the character marching forward into the second season, should Dane make a return.

“There’s a
wiliness that you see in Dane
in the first season. An intelligence in the sense of knowing there’s something, and they’re scared of doing something very reckless but incredibly bold and quite brave to get out of the thing they’re scared of. I think Episode 8 is a kind of gritting-your-teeth quality that they’ve developed, of, ‘Yeah, I don’t have an Achilles tendon right now, and I’m about to go into a war.’
And they go in. They grit their teeth
. That’s something I’m really excited to see in them going forward.”

The Future Of Dane’s Place Within The Brotherhood

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As Falloutmoves toward a Season 2, Dane stans around the world are hoping that we’ll get to grow right alongside the character. After rapidly progressing in a position with the Brotherhood during the first season, Mendes-Jones reflects on where Dane mentally stands heading into a sophomore installment. He said:

“I think Dane’s moved up the ranks
due to observational skills
, and that’s obviously been recognized by Quintus and by the elders. But I think there’s a jadedness and a new, not respect, but
respect in a fearful kind of way
of the setup in the Brotherhood that I think previously they weren’t fully clued into yet.”

When we last left off with Dane, they had been found out for having sliced their own Achilles tendon out of fear of being sent into the Wasteland as a Squire, before being sent into battle alongside Maximus. Explaining the sort of Hail Mary that Dane made at the end of Episode 8 when they told the others that Maximus was responsible for killing Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury), Mendes-Jones said:

“I think there are a lot of reasons to do it…
There’s protecting Max
because I now
I’ve been sent into that battle to die as punishment for self-mutilation, and they know that’s likely the case for Maximus, as well. It’s like, ‘Okay, you sent us a fake head, off you go. Go into battle. You’ll be fine.’ Neither of us is in power armor, you know? When you’re not in power armor you’re cannon fodder. So, there are lots of reasons. Partly it’s, ‘Okay, if Max is my ally then Max is my ally, and I would like my ally to be as powerful as possible. If I’m not in a position of power then I’m gonna get them into one.’ But I think
it’s also survival
, of, ‘If we don’t come out of this as key players, that’s not enough to protect us necessarily from the wrath of the elders.’”

What Else Is Xelia Mendes-Jones Working On?

Xelia Mendes Jones as Renna in The Wheel of Time Season 2
Image via Prime Video

Fallout isn’t Mendes-Jones’ only partnership with Prime Video, as the actor can be seen in Season 2 of the streamer’s uber-popular fantasy adaption of The Wheel of Time. Along with his efforts in television projects, Mendes-Jones was recently busy on the set of Gareth Evans’ (Apostle) latest feature, Havoc. Joining an all-star cast that includes Tom Hardy, Forest Whitaker, Timothy Olyphant, Luis Guzmàn, and more, the actor will play one of the leading roles in the highly-anticipated crime thriller that’s set to land on Netflix.

For now, you can get caught up on all eight episodes of Season 1 of Fallout now streaming on Prime Video. Watch the full interview below:

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