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  • Agent Hobbs’ death had a major impact on FBI
    Season 6
    storyline, shaping the entire season for fans.
  • Tiffany Wallace, devastated by Hobbs’ passing, showcased how close their friendship was outside of work.
  • The season finale promises a thrilling conclusion with a focus on the villain and the team seeking justice.

As fans anticipate the conclusion of CBS’ FBI Season 6, actor Jeremy Sisto, who plays Jubal Valentine, FBI Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAC) on the show, recently spoke to Comic Book about the death of Agent Trevor Hobbs, especially its impact on fellow characters. Hobbs, played by Roshawn Franklin from Season 2 to 6, was murdered in the first episode of Season 6, and his heartbroken teammates have since been searching for the killer while trying to process the loss.

Sisto explained that the agent’s passing had the most devastating effect on Katherine Renee Kane‘s Tiffany Wallace, who shared a close bond with Hobbs:

“I think what was surprising to a lot of us was the impact it would have on Tiffany, and I don’t think we were aware that their friendship was so close because it happened away from the office. And so we, as people in law enforcement and people with jobs that have life and death stakes, we’re accustomed to our agents having to manage the trauma that sometimes we go through doing the job.”

FBI, created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk, first premiered in September 2018 with 22 episodes; however, its latest season has just 13 episodes, the lowest count of all seasons. Season 6 introduced a “pretty intense villain” as described by series’ star Zeeko Zaki, who also previously teased that the finale would definitely be a “fun chapter”, closing on the villain and “what he did to us, and what he did to one of our own, and things like that. It’s just going to be a very well-earned ‘getting that guy’ moment.”

How Did Agent Hobbs’ Death Affect ‘FBI’ Season 6 Storyline?

Agent Hobbs’ heartbreaking death, which no doubt took fans by surprise, shaped the entirety of FBI season 6. Sisto further elaborated on the impact of Hobbs’ demise, saying, “It is always a question: you don’t want, in a civilized society, you don’t want the victims to be the ones that are enforcing the law or prosecuting the bad guys.”

“So you’ve got to make sure you are not acting as a player from the place of a victim,” the FBI star added. “You’re not acting with vengeance. And sometimes when that happens, the agent will, if you’re really in a place of, ‘I want vengeance and that’s what I’m fully about right now,’ you can be in denial both to yourself and more importantly to your bosses, and it’s the boss’s job to figure out whether or not the agent is being honest and whether they are self-aware enough to know what’s really going on.”

FBI season 6 finale airs on CBS, while past episodes are available to stream on Paramount+.

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