• George Lucas’ 80th birthday celebration was a star-studded event with 100-150 guests, including Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.
  • The party, held at Skywalker Ranch, honored Lucas’ impact on cinema, highlighted by music and art from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  • Despite Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, Lucas’ influence remains strong, as the franchise continues to grow and expand.

Star Wars creator George Lucas celebrated his 80th birthday alongside a ‘family’ of 150 guests. George Lucas has had an incredible impact on cinema with Star Wars movies and TV shows, dating back to the very first Star Wars movie in 1977. Indeed, many of Star Wars’ best movies changed cinema forever, especially The Empire Strikes Back, which included the iconic plot twist that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father. Today, Star Wars is a major aspect of popular culture, with countless allusions to the franchise in various movies and TV shows.

Given this legacy, George Lucas deserved a massive celebration for his 80th birthday, and it’s clear he got one. Shared by the New York Post, George Lucas’ 80th birthday celebration, hosted on May 18th, included between 100 and 150 guests, with prominent Star Wars actors Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Samuel L. Jackson in attendance. Other guests included some of Hollywood’s biggest names, from Oprah Winfrey to Robert De Niro. Appropriately, the party took place at Skywalker Ranch, Lucas’ workplace less than an hour north of San Francisco.


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A True Celebration Of George Lucas’ Life

The massive 80th birthday party for George Lucas was quite apt given the magnitude of Lucas’ influence over the years. The celebration was entirely focused on Lucas’ work and his legacy, with music from both Star Wars and Indiana Jones and art depicting various members of the Star Wars cast, including a painting of the late Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher. Truly, this party was all about what Lucas has done with Star Wars and his incredible accomplishments in his career more broadly.

The massive 80th birthday party for George Lucas was quite apt given the magnitude of Lucas’ influence.

Even when Disney bought Star Wars, the franchise remained deeply connected to and impacted by Lucas’ ideas and the work he had already done before selling the franchise. It’s difficult to remember now, given how massive Star Wars has become, but Lucas really did build the franchise from the ground up. When A New Hope was released (then just called Star Wars), no one knew what type of success the movie might have. Since then, the franchise has absolutely exploded in popularity and continues to explore new stories all the time; truly, the Star Wars timeline is always expanding.

It also makes sense that this huge party would nevertheless feel like a family gathering. George Lucas has touched countless lives throughout his decades of work in film, and he undoubtedly has many friends who view him as family. In fact, in Mark Hamill’s own birthday post for George Lucas on his X account, he highlighted how Lucas has changed his life and changed the world. It’s wonderful to see that, for his 80th birthday, George Lucas was properly celebrated for all he has done for Star Wars and cinema overall.

Source: the New York Post


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