• Top Gun 3
    is currently in development with Tom Cruise, Glen Powell, and Miles Teller all expected to return.
  • After making
    The Blue Angels
    , Powell reveals that he’ll be going into
    Top Gun 3
    feeling more comfortable in the world of naval aviation.
  • The positive reception to
    Top Gun: Maverick
    and Powell’s interest in aviation projects makes Hangman a prime candidate for a more prominent role in the third film.

Glen Powell explains how he’ll approach Top Gun 3 differently after his experience with the Blue Angels. Tom Cruise returned as hotshot pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell for Joe Kosinski’s 2022 hit sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, which introduced new characters played by Powell and Miles Teller. Powell is expected to reprise his role as Hangman for the in-development Top Gun 3, but he recently returned to the high-intensity world of flying for The Blue Angels, a documentary he produced about the titular real-world aerial demonstration squadron.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant to promote The Blue Angels, which is now playing in IMAX and is set to release on Prime Video on May 23, Powell reveals how making the documentary will affect his approach to Top Gun 3. According to the actor, his participation in aviation projects like Top Gun: Maverick, Devotion, and now The Blue Angels has made him feel more comfortable with the entire world of Naval aviators. Check out his full comment below:

I think that’s a great question. Look, with Jerry and Chad and Joe and Tom, there are a lot of very smart brains on [Top Gun 3] that really do not need my brain involved at all. They’re going to put a wonderful story together.

But I will say that after making Top Gun and making Devotion, you really feel a sense of community in this Navy. When I look at my texts in the morning, the fact that a lot of ’em are call signs is very cool, and the fact that I still call these pilots my friends is really wonderful.

I will say that when we made Top Gun Maverick, that was a new shiny world for me. And now I feel that it’s still filled with brilliance. It’s still shiny to me, but it’s also a group of people I call my family. So, I can go into this movie in a different way. Maybe just the fact that it feels a little bit more lived in and a little more comfortable for all of us will be really wonderful.

Glen Powell Has Proven He Should Be A Bigger Part Of Top Gun 3

Hangman Deserves A More Prominent Role

Powell was one of a number of newcomers to the Top Gun: Maverick cast, but his character is sidelined for most of the third act of the film. After Kosinski’s sequel became a smash success, Powell starred in Devotion only about six months later, playing a fighter pilot during the Korean War. While Devotion was a fairly major disappointment at the box office, it was a critical success, and currently boasts a strong 80% critics’ score and 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Top Gun: Maverick
are both available to stream on Paramount Plus.
Top Gun: Maverick
is also streaming on Prime Video.

The Blue Angels has been similarly well-received, and it holds, as of writing, a strong 83% critics’ score and 98% audience score. With Top Gun: Maverick, Devotion, and now The Blue Angels, Powell has proven himself committed to the world of aviation. What’s more, Powell’s star power has only risen since Kosinski’s sequel, and upcoming movies like Twisters and Hit Man are sure to only make him more of a draw. All of these factors make him a prime candidate for a bigger role in Top Gun 3.



Top Gun 3’s Breakout Star Creates A Challenge For The Franchise’s Future

Although Top Gun 3 will benefit from Glen Powell’s rising profile, the Top Gun: Maverick sequel will also struggle with Hangman’s story as a result.

Thankfully, the Top Gun: Maverick ending, which sees Hangman come to Maverick and Rooster’s rescue, tees Hangman up for a more prominent role moving forward. It’s unclear what the story of the next film might be, but audiences could be in for more of a three-hander in the third film. Unfortunately, with Cruise’s busy schedule over the next few years, Top Gun 3 might not be coming anytime soon.

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