• A Marvel box office bomb is #2 on Netflix’s Top 10 charts with 20.8 million hours viewed.
  • The movie’s success on Netflix is believed to mostly stem from viewers’ curiosity about its poor reception.
  • While it flopped in theaters, its popularity on Netflix highlights the power of streaming services.

New data reveals that one of the biggest Marvel box office bombs, Madame Web, is climbing the Netflix charts. This year has so far not been favorable for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, as the studio’s first release, Madame Web, became a box office disaster while also having some of the worst critical reception for a superhero movie. Telling the story of Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb and three of Marvel’s Spider-Women, Madame Web explores one of Spider-Man’s more obscure supporting characters.

In a new report from Netflix, Sony Pictures’ Madame Web was revealed to be #2 on the charts for the week of May 13. According to Tudum, Madame Web has accumulated 20.8 million hours viewed, and 10.8 million views. The movie was only beat out by Netflix original film Mother of the Bride, which had 38.1 million hours viewed and 25.4 million views.



Madame Web Review: Sony’s New Spider-Man Universe Movie Is A Horrible, Cheap Imitation

With an awful script and not a single ounce of charm among the star-studded cast, Madame Web feels like little more than a Spider-Man movie knockoff.

Why Madame Web Is So Successful On Netflix

While Madame Web 2 may not be happening any time soon, it is worth looking into why Madame Web is doing so well on Netflix. Leading up to the movie’s release, the Madame Web reviews made it clear it wasn’t going to be one of the most successful Marvel films. Once the movie released, it didn’t take long for the word of mouth on Madame Web to become a big meme even beyond the superhero film genre.

Although not many saw Madame Web in theaters, it became evident online that this was one of those movies that folks have to see for themselves. Madame Web’s newfound popularity on Netflix has less to do with the quality of the story or the film itself, and more so with viewers wanting to witness whether it’s as bad as initial reactions made it out to be. With Netflix also being one of the most popular streaming services worldwide, it serves as an easy option for most consumers to be able to check out Madame Web.

The bigger question, however, is how Madame Web will do on Netflix over the coming weeks and whether its numbers will go up or down. It is not shocking to see Madame Web climb up the charts instantly, given how much attention the film’s poor reception has gotten throughout 2024. While Madame Web may not have landed Sony Pictures a success theatrically, they can at least walk away knowing that it is doing well in the world of streaming.

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