• Dwayne Johnson has finished voicing Maui for
    Moana 2
    , as shared on his Instagram.
  • Johnson’s role in
    Moana 2
    and future live-action
    highlights his importance in the Disney franchise.
  • Johnson’s singing in the first film was notable, with potentially a solo song in
    Moana 2

Moana 2 has gotten a major update from star Dwayne Johnson. Johnson will reprise his role as Maui, the superstrong and mystical demigod who helps Moana through her journey in the upcoming Disney sequel. In addition to Johnson, Moana 2 returns Auli’i Cravalho to the titular role, along with Alan Tudyk as Hei Hei. Moana 2 is directed by David G. Derrick Jr.

Now, Johnson has provided a major update about Moana 2 on his Instagram page. According to Johnson, he has finished his work voicing Maui for Moana 2. Johnson announced this by way of saying that “That’s an official wrap (for now) on MAUI’s portion of our upcoming MOANA 2.”

Johnson posted a series of images from the recording booth. These images show Johnson bringing his young daughter to work. In the first image, Johnson’s daughter gives him a fist bump. Another image shows her using a cell phone to film her father at work. Johnson expressed gratitude for moments like these, saying “The more down this windy road of life I go, the more I realize that my greatest and most comforting inspiration and joy, is being loved by my daughters.” He also said “Thanks everyone for your amazing support” to close out the most.

Johnson’s Moana Future Explained

Johnson Will Reprise His Role In Multiple Projects

Johnson was a critical component of the first Moana film. In the Disney animated jaunt, he showed off an aspect of his talent that he does not usually emphasize: his singing voice. This was brought out most notably through the catchy hit “You’re Welcome,” Maui’s big character song wherein he explains his demigod status.

This makes Johnson’s reprised role in Moana 2 all the more exciting. Though Johnson’s post confirms that he is all set on his work for Moana 2, it did very little by way of giving away any details for the upcoming film. Given the success of “You’re Welcome,” however, it seems very likely that Johnson will be given at least one more solo song as Maui.


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Johnson’s work as Maui will not end with Moana 2. As of now, Johnson is the only actor confirmed to be appearing in the live-action Moana, which is set for release in 2026. His appearance in both Moana 2 and the live-action Moana shows how essential Johnson is to the budding Disney franchise, but for now, Johnson can move on to work on his other projects now that his work is done for Moana 2.

Moana 2
will release in theaters on November 27, 2024.

Source: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

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