• Inside Out 2
    is projected to earn between $80 and $85 million during its opening weekend.
  • This would mark Pixar’s best opening weekend since 2019’s
    Toy Story 4
  • Inside Out 2
    could mark the end of Pixar’s box office slump of the early 2020s.

Inside Out 2 could break a Pixar box office record for the decade. The movie is a sequel to Pixar’s 2015 movie anthropomorphizing the emotions in the head of an adolescent girl named Riley, which was the seventh highest-grossing movie of the year worldwide and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. The upcoming Inside Out 2 will feature the return of Riley (now voiced by Kensington Tallman), Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), and more, following a brand-new adventure involving the introductions of new emotions including Anxiety (Maya Hawke) and Envy (Ayo Edebiri).

Per Deadline, initial projections have been calculated for the box office run of Inside Out 2. The movie is currently expected to earn a domestic opening weekend somewhere between $80 and $85 million. In addition to landing either the sixth or seventh best opening for a Pixar movie, this total would be the best debut for a Pixar movie since Toy Story 4 in 2019. That sequel opened to $120.9 million and went on to gross $1.07 billion worldwide, becoming the company’s second highest-grossing release of all time.

Is Pixar Pulling Out Of Its Box Office Slump With Inside Out 2?

Sequels And Originals Alike Could Help Pixar Recover In The 2020s

Riley Looking Disgusted in Inside Out 2

These projections, potentially stemming from the original movie’s success and the stacked Inside Out 2 cast, could show a reveal of fortune for Pixar. The COVID-19 pandemic compromised many of their early 2020s releases, with some of them premiering on Disney+ and only getting theatrical play internationally or in re-releases. However, even the theatrical outings – such as Lightyear, which was attached to the huge Toy Story franchise – have suffered compared to Pixar’s earlier output. Below, see how the 2020s Pixar movies performed at the box office and where they rank among their 27 total movies at the time of writing:


Opening Weekend

Worldwide Box Office


Elemental (2023)

$29.6 million

$496.4 million


Lightyear (2022)

$50.6 million

$226.4 million


Turning Red (2022 – Disney+)


$12.3 million


Luca (2021 – Disney+)


$51 million


Soul (2020 – Disney+)


$121.9 million


Onward (2020)

$39.1 million

$141.9 million


Regardless of the factors complicating the first four releases of the 2020s, the Inside Out 2 release is nevertheless projected to easily dominate the opening weekend of both the flop Lightyear and the sleeper hit Elemental, which had uncompromised theatrical releases. Considering the fact that the original Inside Out, which earned $857.6 million, only opened at $90.4 million, the sequel could be on track to earn between $600 and $800 million. This would place it between No. 12 and No. 7 on the overall Pixar chart, showcasing the company’s return to box office form.


The Highest-Grossing Pixar Movies Of All Time

The highest-grossing Pixar movies include Toy Story and Inside Out, but which movie from the studio comes out on top?

The Pixar movies that are set to follow Inside Out 2 could continue this trend of box office growth. 2026’s Toy Story 5 seems destined to do so, considering the strong performance of the previous movies in the main branch of the franchise. However, their original 2025 title Elio could also perform well, considering it was made by Adrian Molina, the co-writer and co-director of 2017’s Coco, which is Pixar’s seventh-highest grossing movie in addition to being their eighth highest-rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

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