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  • Kandi Burruss is temporarily leaving
    to pursue other projects, but may return in the future.
  • Porsha Williams is returning to the show after a two-year absence, promising to be “transparent.”
  • Burruss is excited for Shamea Morton’s addition to the cast, and filming for the new season has begun.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast has just been announced for Season 16, and Kandi Burruss was nowhere to be seen. The Grammy Award winner has previously announced that she is departing the show to pursue other projects. But she is not the only peach to be departing the reality series. Marlo Hampton left and Sheree Whitfield was fired for the third time. The verdict is in, and Burruss speaks to E! News about how she is “excited” for the upcoming season.

I’m excited for Shamea [Morton], who is our friend, and I’m glad it’s announced, so I don’t have to keep secrets anymore,” she said. “I’m gonna be watching because my friends are still on the show.

Porsha Williams has recently announced her return to the show after a two-year absence. She has also promised to be “transparent” this time around. Burruss also reacted to Williams’ return, pointing out that her return is another reason she is eager to tune into the new season. “She was telling me how she was thinking she might go back,” she said, “so we knew. I am excited for her.

She has also revealed that the cast has started filming “this week.” “I was talking to one of them – I can’t say who it was – but she was like, ‘Girl, it’s just a lot.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if I missed that part.’ I forgot about that first stress of getting the ball rolling when you’re meeting new people.”

So it does not sound like she misses the stress of filming and meeting new people. However, she did open up about spending time with her closest friends. She said “the camaraderie” was something special, as they were all part of “something great.”

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A reality series focusing on the personal and professional lives of several women in Atlanta’s high society. The show documents their interactions, from lavish parties and business ventures to intimate moments with family and friends. The cast members navigate complex relationships, intense rivalries, and significant life events, providing a mix of drama, entertainment, and insight into the pressures and privileges of their status. Each episode highlights the evolving dynamics within the group, showcasing the highs and lows of their interconnected lives.

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Kandi Burruss’ ‘RHOA’ Exit Is Not Forever

Kandi Burruss poses during 'RHOA' S15 Reunion
Image via Bravo

Burruss is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta behind…for now. When she announced her departure, she never said that it would be forever. She revealed that her departure was only a pause; she may return to the series at some point.

“It was my choice whether I go back,” she said. “It wasn’t just they sent me a pickup letter and I have to go back, like, how it is most of the time. The more months went by, the more I started thinking, ‘You know what? If I was ever to go after some of these things I really want to do, I need to do it now.’”

Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Drew Sidora are all returning alongside Williams in 2025.

All episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are available to stream on Peacock.WATCH ON PEACOCK

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