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  • Leviss denies Sandoval’s claim of grooming, takes responsibility, cites age gap and vulnerability.
  • Leviss suggests Vanderpump Rules “groomed” her, normalizing infidelity among castmates.
  • Lawyers attack Sandoval in revenge porn lawsuit; Sandoval’s lawyers deny claims as fame grab.

Tom Sandoval has continued to face the wrath of Rachel Leviss, but now it is Vanderpump Rules’ turn. The former reality star has put Sandoval and the show on blast, amid the lawsuit. Fans know that Leviss has recently sued Sandoval and former friend Ariana Madix for revenge porn, which both of them, particularly Madix, denied her claims. Leviss’ lawyers continue to attack Sandoval, and now Leviss has something to say.

Reality Blurb reports that The Vanderpump Rules reunion saw Sandoval claim that Leviss took off her clothes and jumped into his pool at the start of the affair. Leviss said, “That may be true, although I didn’t take off all of my clothes.” She referred to his other claim that she wasn’t groomed, and said, “I’m talking about the moments leading up to that point [at the pool]. There was intention behind the way Tom really gave me undivided attention to want to know my situation and what was happening in my reality. Things were a little bit blurry, and it was a gradual thing that took place where I started feeling more attracted to him.”

Leviss is not saying that Sandoval “groomed” her. Leviss does take responsibility for what went down between them. However, “there is a big age gap.” “He also is aware of my situation and I knew that I was very vulnerable,” she said, “And come on, Tom is a manipulative person.”

But it is not just Tom that “groomed” her in general, as she says. She takes a shot at Vanderpump Rules in general. She suggested that the show should also take some responsibility by saying that the show also “groomed” her to be okay with his behavior. The behavior has “been modeled for me time and time again with previous relationships on the show,” she said, before citing multiple instances of past infidelity between the Vanderpump Rules castmates that was “normalized” and was a “factor” in Leviss’ decision making.

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The Vanderpump Rules Lawsuit Drama Continues

Vanderpump Rules cast faded to background as Tom Sandoval and Raqurl Leviss take center
Image by Annamaria Ward, via Bravo

Lawyers have continuously attacked Sandoval since Leviss filed the suit. Lawyers Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos have recently asked the court to deny Sandoval’s plea for Leviss to not be allowed to seek punitive damages in the case to be dropped. They also said that Sandoval recording sexually explicit videos of Leviss without her consent and turned her into an “unwilling pornstar”

But Sandoval’s lawyers have a rebuttal. While continuously denying Leviss’ claims, his lawyers have attacked the lawsuit and said that the lawsuit was a “thinly veiled attempt” to extend her fame and to rebrand herself as the victim instead of the mistress. It is hard to tell when the lawsuit will settle, but hopefully, it will be during the Vanderpump Rules production pause.

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