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  • Tamar Braxton’s success in the music industry was facilitated by her ex-husband Vince Herbert.
  • Tamar and Vince are now amicable co-parents and maintain a friendship.
  • Vince Herbert funded the first season of
    Braxton Family Values
    with $1.5 million, without which the show would not have happened.

After gaining stardom on WE TV’s Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton’s life became an open book, including her personal relationships beyond her family. When the reality series began, she was married to Vince Herbert. Vince has had a long career in the music industry and has worked with countless well-known artists over many years. In addition to being a music producer, Vince has also composed music for various artists. Over the past two decades, Vince has become a mainstay in the music industry. Vince and Tamar met in 2003 and were married five years later. When Braxton Family Values first premiered in 2011, they were focused on building Tamar’s career. She landed a deal with Interscope Records under Streamline in 2012, that was facilitated by Vince, as he was working as a producer under Interscope at the time. Her record deal also came right around the time of the premiere of her WE TV spinoff, aptly called Tamar & Vince. The series lasted for five seasons, ending when their marriage also came to an end after Tamar filed for divorce in 2017.

Now that time has passed, their relationship as co-parents is in a good place for their son Logan. Tamar spoke about this during her recent interview with Carlos King on his Reality With the King tour, sharing insight into their current friendship, as well as a surprising fact about the origins of Braxton Family Values.

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Braxton Family Values

The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

Release Date
April 12, 2011

Traci Braxton , Toni Braxton , Trina Braxton , Towanda Braxton


‘Braxton Family Values’ Would Never Have Happened Without Vincent Herbert

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert pose back to back for Season 5 'Tamar & Vince'
Image via WE TV

During his interview with Tamar, Carlos discussed the working relationship between Tamar and Vince while they were married. He said, “I saw you break multiple times… I saw moments of you crying and not wanting to perform to be with him.” He then asked Tamar, “When it comes to your life right now, do you feel like it’s hard for you without Vince?” Tamar responded, saying, “ No. I get to be my own person. I get to be my own boss. I get to make my own decisions. I get to make my own mistakes.” She added, “I also am more proud of the businesswoman and the artist that I am today.” Tamar left Streamline and signed a new deal with Epic Records, re-releasing her Love & War album under their banner.


Tamar Braxton Isn’t Upholding the Family Legacy With Her Antics

Tamar Braxton is a part of R&B music royalty, but her social media antics exhibit less than royal behavior.

Now that a decade has passed, Tamar and Vince are friends and co-parents and still have love for each other. “Oh, that’s my cousin! Cousin Vince! And I know it sounds weird, but he’s a family member,” she shared when asked about where they stand now. Tamar also shared an interesting tidbit about how Braxton Family Values came to be. She said, “The truth is, without his 1$.5 million dollars that started Braxton Family Values, we would not be sitting here.” Her admission left Carlos speechless as she continued sharing. “For real, because he did! He started it. He funded it. [Vince] funded that first season she shared, adding, “He funded, and he did it because he knew that it was passionate for me, something that I really, truly wanted to do.”

Braxton Family Values can be streamed on Hulu.

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