• “Venom: The Last Dance” trailer introduces Anti-Venom, a unique symbiote offering a new narrative angle for Eddie and Venom’s final showdown.
  • The trailer hints at Anti-Venom’s healing powers and Venom’s weaknesses, setting up a potentially epic battle or even an uneasy alliance.
  • While Carnage could return, the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in the movie adds an exciting layer of drama to the upcoming installment.

After battling Riot and Carnage in his two previous outings, a new concept trailer finally has Eddie Brock and his symbiote face off against his true polar opposite in a thrilling Venom: The Last Dance concept trailer. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom has proven to be the most successful sub-franchise in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, and the upcoming third installment in the Marvel franchise is set to be Hardy’s last. It’s hitherto unknown who Venom will face for his final big-screen outing, but one particular symbiote would be particularly symbolic.

Screen Culture has released a new concept trailer via YouTube that sees Brock and Venom face off against the aptly named Anit-Venom. In the trailer, Anti-Venom is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who has been confirmed for the Venom: The Last Dance cast in a hitherto unconfirmed role. Check out the thrilling trailer below, made with a mix of previous movie clips, original voice work, and AI imagery:


Venom: The Last Dance Confirmed: Everything We Know So Far

The last hint of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom came in a mid-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and now they’re both returning for Venom 3.

Plot specifics are light in the trailer, but it’s exciting to see a unique symbiote in live-action for the first time.

Who Will The Antagonist Of Venom: The Last Dance Really Be?

There hasn’t been any official word of who could be the villain in Venom 3, but Anit-Venom does make sense. The symbiote, with inverted colors compared to Venom, has bonded with several hosts in the comics and other media and could be an interesting narrative antagonist without being a true villain. While the Anti-Venom symbiote offers increased strength and stamina like all symbiotes, it also grants healing and is strong against sound and fire-based weaponry – which Venom is weak against. The two could eventually even team up to take out a truer threat.

Another option is Carnage, who seemingly died in Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s final battle. Harrelson doesn’t appear to be back, but that doesn’t mean the Carnage symbiote couldn’t find a new host. Symbiotes have proven incredibly hard to kill in Marvel Comics, so Venom seemingly eating it certainly doesn’t mean it couldn’t come back even angrier with a new host to match. However, neither of these is perhaps the most exciting.

It’s possible, if unlikely, that Venom: The Last Dance is keeping a secret Spider-Man appearance secret. It’s odd that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe hasn’t had a Spider-Man on-screen yet, and the time is well overdue for it to happen. Moreover, of all the SSU characters so far, Venom is the most deeply tied to Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and not getting a chance to see the two fight before Hardy’s time as Brock is done would be a shame. It’s unlikely Spider-Man will be the central antagonist, but perhaps a version of the Wall Crawler could at least appear for the third act.

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