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  • Andy Cohen prefers Luann de Lesseps as the Golden Bachelorette over Joan Vassos.
  • Fans speculate other contestants are unhappy with Vassos’ selection for the show.
  • Vassos, despite some fan backlash, remains hopeful to find a genuine connection on the show.

After months of speculation, former Golden Bachelor contestant Joan Vassos was just announced as the leading lady of the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette. However, Andy Cohen doesn’t seem too happy about it. Turns out the American TV presenter wanted to see Real Housewives of New York alum Luann de Lesseps take the spot and find love on The Bachelor reality spinoff featuring a cast of senior citizens.

Cohen talked about it in an episode of Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen Live, staying firm on his belief that Countess Luann would’ve made for a great Golden Bachelorette. Cohen’s co-host John Hill seemed to agree with him. He even joked that based on her track record, giving the Countess her pick from a bunch of eligible bachelors could have been really interesting to watch. Cohen felt the same way but clarified that she would’ve only slept with the men she wanted to because “she has ownership.”

While Cohen would have loved to see Countess Luann on the dating show, he did go on to wish Vassos luck for the upcoming season. After the reality star’s time on The Golden Bachelor was cut short because of her daughter’s health, fans are excited to see her get back into the game and find love again. As for The Golden Bachelorette herself, she’s hopeful that this time around, she really will find someone she has a genuine connection with. In her first interview with CNN, she was honest about her expectations from the show and expressed them in the following words:

“If it ends up in engagement, I’m open to that. I do believe this process works. I’ve seen it work for so many couples on
The Bachelor,
so I believe in the process.”

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The Golden Bachelor

Follow a new kind of love for the golden years, when a hopeless romantic is given a second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life.

Release Date
September 28, 2023

Jesse Palmer , Gerry Turner , Leslie Fhima , Theresa Nist


Andy Cohen Might Not Be The Only One Unhappy With Vassos Being the First Golden Bachelorette

Before Vassos was announced to be leading the first season of The Golden Bachelorette, a lot of names were in the running for the spot. Some fans believed that runner-up Leslie Fhima was a top choice for the female-fronted spinoff. Fhima even talked about wanting to become the Golden Bachelorette on The Playing Field Podcast. Not just her, but The Golden Bachelor fan-favorites Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts were also considered to be top contenders.


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However, when Vassos beat everyone for the Golden Rose, some fans seem to think that the other contestants from the show aren’t too happy for her. A fan even commented on one of Noles’s recent Instagram posts, calling her and the other ladies out for not congratulating Vassos publicly. However, the former reality star immediately snapped back and commented, “I do almost daily and I was with her when she found out.” Susan Noles went on to add that “not everything goes on social media, but as a matter [of] fact, I did post, so just saying.”

So, it looks like Noles is pretty happy with ABC’s decision, especially since she has a lot of things on her plate right now. She was just named one of QVC’s Quintessential 50 and participated in a New York Fashion Week show. Not just that, she also co-hosts the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour with Kathy & Susan along with Swarts.

The Golden Bachelorette, on the other hand, premieres this Fall 2024 on ABC. The exact release date, however, is not yet unveiled. The Golden Bachelor is available to stream on Hulu.

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