• Vin Diesel shares a new post of himself at a track teasing that he’s started driving training for
    Fast & Furious 11
  • The track is the same one featured in the flashback scenes in
  • Diesel’s driving training is good news for the upcoming sequel and could hint that the film will feature more grounded action sequences.

Vin Diesel shares a new photo revealing that his Fast & Furious 11 driving training has begun at a familiar location. Diesel first played street racer Dominic Toretto back in 2001, and he most recently reprised the role for Fast X last year. The Fast Saga is now gearing up for its final installment with the confirmed Fast & Furious 11, which isn’t expected to hit theaters until 2026.

Now, Diesel shares a new behind-the-scenes image on Instagram, confirming that he’s now started driving training, presumably for Fast & Furious 11. Check out the image below:

To be back on the track training… where we filmed our emotional flashbacks in 2019… Surreal,” he writes in his caption. The track is seemingly the same one where the flashback scenes in F9: The Fast Saga were filmed, and it’s unclear whether Diesel’s post means the track will feature in the upcoming film or if he’s just using it for training. He concludes his caption by saying that he’s “Grateful and blessed.”

Vin Diesel’s Driving Training Is Good News For Fast & Furious 11

The Fast & Furious Franchise Should Return To More Grounded Action

Vin Diesel behind the wheel of a car in Fast X

When the Fast & Furious franchise began, it was mostly a grounded story about street racers. As the saga progressed, the action became more ridiculous and more high-stakes, and Dom essentially becomes a car-driving superhero. While recent installments are still very much about driving and car stunts, most of the stunts don’t feel like feats that could realistically be pulled off by a human being. Diesel’s drive down the side of a dam at the end of Fast X, for example, is essentially a sequence that exists purely in the realm of computer animation.

Fast X
is currently available to stream on Prime Video.

Fast X behind-the-scenes material confirms that a lot of the action in Rome was accomplished using practical methods, but most of this would have been carried out by stunt drivers. The franchise’s action sequences do feature shots of the actors inside their cars, but most of these shots are seemingly accomplished using green screen. Now, not everyone can be Tom Cruise, and there are safety considerations to keep in mind, but it would certainly be a breath of fresh air for the franchise if Fast & Furious 11 features actors doing a little more of the driving themselves.

It’s been reported that Fast & Furious 11 could return to the franchise’s roots and be more of a street-level story, and this would certainly open the door for more grounded action sequences that feature a little more participation from the cast. Fast X‘s reviews, like F9‘s, were mixed at best, and the upcoming eleventh film could change up the recent formula to deliver something new. It remains to be seen how Fast & Furious 11 will compare to past installments, but Diesel’s driving training is a good sign.

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