The former reality star says there’s a theft issue with major luxury retailers.

The Big Picture

  • Frankel felt snubbed by Chanel security
  • She criticized elitist treatment at the store
  • Frankel highlighted the importance of being kind to all customers

Bethenny Frankel is in the midst of trying to take down Bravo but she also can’t even shop at her (maybe) favorite store. While on a trip to Chicago, Frankel got off the plane and went try and do some shopping in Chanel when she landed. The reality starwas apparently confronted by a security guard asking if she had an appointment. Often, luxury stores will shut down for appointment-only shopping experiences but Frankel was not happy that she couldn’t go in.

Posting a video on Instagram, Frankel shared her experience when she went to go into the door and security stopped her. “He’s like, ‘Hello. Do you have an appointment?’ He’s like Lurch in the Addams Family. Like ‘You rang?’” Frankel said. “I’m like, ‘No, I don’t have an appointment. I have a credit card. I have a bag of Garrett’s popcorn, a basic bitch purse. Am I not allowed to come in at 3:54 on a Tuesday?’ Evidently not.” Frankel went on to complain about the situation. “To be treated like you’re an interloper. I didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to walk into stores anymore. Gotta get a pap smear appointment and also [to] walk into Chanel. No big deal.”

In her caption, Frankel went on to allude to them not letting her in because she wasn’t “looking wealthy” writing “Crime is at an all-time high and security is critical. I could easily call one of my salespeople and get on this list. That’s besides the point. I was straight of a plane in a sweaty tshirt and not dolled up or looking wealthy.” She went on to say that it was “elitist and exclusionary” to act this way. “There are several ways to convey a message and this way was rudeness and elitist and exclusionary, which is also a crime. In business, first impressions are lasting. I would never want anyone to feel lesser than, particularly from a luxury brand making billions off of people buying into the hype. Chanel is a beautiful brand with timeless classic pieces.”

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Bethenny Frankel Has No Issue Expressing Her Upset

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The video showed Frankel’s frustration of not being able to go shop in Chanel, which she said felt classist (it is Chanel) and was angry that she was snubbed. It does feel like a celebrity being mad they didn’t get special treatment but she ended her post by writing “Being kind to customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds is also timeless and classic.”

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