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  • Matthew changed his feelings about A.D. due to differing views on the show’s production.
  • A.D. claimed to have gotten engaged soon after, showing resilience.
  • Matthew faced legal threats and negative portrayal from the show after leaving.

Viewers of Love Is Blind season 6 watched Amber Desiree “A.D.” Smith get her heart broken multiple times. The first time was because she fell for Matthew Duliba, who talked about wanting to ask her father for her hand in marriage. That wasn’t possible because A.D.’s dad passed away. The financial advisor also talked to her about leaving the pods to get to know each other away from the cameras on the reality series.

A.D. seemed happy and looking forward to their future. So she was surprised to overhear Amber Grant talking about her conversations with Matthew, and he also talked about asking her dad for his approval to marry. Amber left and Matthew was disappointed. He never returned to the show to address the situation. But he is now speaking out about why his feelings for A.D. changed.

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Matthew Said He Didn’t Agree With A.D. About Filming ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6

A.D. Smith poses in a sheer dress for the 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 reunion
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Matthew appeared on Chrissy Clark to talk about his experience. He said he wanted to go all in with A.D. until he realized they had different perspectives on production. “I’m talking to her about, like, ‘Hey, are you really ready for our relationship to be that much in the public eye and being that high profile?'” he revealed. “Because I knew me being who I am and who she is that was a great marketing tool for them. And I just didn’t wanna be under their control any longer.”

He said A.D. wanted to see the show through, which does come up in the episodes. Clay Gravesande talked about being hesitant to get married multiple times. She was adamant about getting to the altar no matter what decision they made. They did go to the altar and Clay said no. Matthew revealed he had changed course.


‘Love Is Blind’s Clay Ends New Romance After Backlash

‘Love Is Blind’ fans had a lot to say about Clay’s new woman.

“When she made that commitment I kind of took a step back from her because I’m like, ‘I might not be able to give her what she wants,'” he said. The financial advisor claimed his date with Amber was the next day. He claimed their conversation where he talked about asking her father for his approval wasn’t part of his plan, but it came up when they were talking about family. “I probably went a little too far, but then again, A.D. two days later, after I left the show, got engaged to another guy and that’s OK,” he said.

A.D. at the reunion revealed she went on dates with Matthew after filming. Matthew didn’t mention if he was in contact with anyone else from the show. He said he didn’t think he left the Netflix series on bad terms. “There were several times throughout the process where they did tell me that if you leave, we’re gonna paint you as a villain,” he claimed. He claimed he was thinking of walking when he was told he needed to ask permission to go to the bathroom.

However, the former participant claimed he mind changed when he was told he could be sued for damages. Delirium TV initiated arbitration against Renee Roche from season 5 for violating her NDA and asked for $4 million. A judge denied Renee’s request to avoid arbitration means her and her lawyers will have to defend against Delirium TV’s claims, according to PEOPLE.

Love Is Blind can be streamed on Netflix.

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