• Twisters
    is a standalone sequel to the 1996 disaster thriller, featuring new cast members Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones.
  • Screen Rant
    is hosting an early 4DX screening of the movie in New York on July 15, offering an immersive experience with synchronized motion seats and environmental effects.
  • Twisters
    promises to be the most exciting 4DX experience yet, with intense rain, wind, and tornadoes, potentially rivaling top-grossing films in the format.

As it gears up to blow the roof off of theaters like its predecessor, Screen Rant is hosting a special early 4DX screening of Twisters. The upcoming movie serves as a standalone sequel to the 1996 disaster thriller led by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, with Top Gun: Maverick‘s Glen Powell and Fresh‘s Daisy Edgar-Jones leading the new cast of characters. Twisters revolves around Jones’ Kate, a scientist who teams up with her friend, Anthony Ramos’ Javi, and the reckless social media storm chaser, Powell’s Tyler, to test a new tracking system.

Ahead of the movie’s July 19 release, Screen Rant is excited to invite our New York readers to an early 4DX screening of Twisters on Monday, July 15 at 7 p.m. EST at Regal Times Square. Taking place in the world’s largest multisensory 4DX auditorium, the theater opening promises an effects-enhancing experience that transcends traditional cinema boundaries, including synchronized motion seats and environmental effects, including water, wind, scents, and more. Readers can email and then head to this Twisters screening link to RSVP for the showing.

Twisters Promises To Be The Most Exciting 4DX Experience Yet

The 4DX theatrical experience has remained a steadily thrilling offering for cinemagoers, but even with some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years getting this treatment, Twisters looks to be the most promising one yet. Movies like Godzilla Minus One, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Dune: Part Two have certainly made good use of the 4DX technology, immersing viewers in their respective high-stakes worlds, though few have utilized the same range of effects as Twisters will.


10 Most Exciting Things To Expect From Twisters

Twisters is set to become a major summer box office hit, promising numerous thrilling elements in this blockbuster disaster movie.

With the disaster movie sequel promising everything from intense rain to powerful gusts of wind and fiery tornadoes and bumpy chases in open fields to both catch up to and run away from the titular storms, those who come to see Twisters in the 4DX format are going to be in for the literal ride of their lives. The moving seats will make audiences feel like they’re right alongside Kate, Javi and Tyler as they race through one of Oklahoma’s worst storm systems in the hopes of creating a groundbreaking tracking system.

The environmental effects of the Twisters 4DX showing are also sure to bring fond memories of the original movie’s Universal Studios ride that similarly put audiences right in the middle of a simulated tornado. While Universal and Warner Bros. may be looking for the sequel to match the near-$500 million haul of the original Twister, particularly with the new movie’s $200 million production budget, it will be interesting to see if the 4DX showings can land in the Top 5 highest-grossing films, which currently includes Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Aquaman, The Lion King and Captain Marvel.

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