• Practical Magic 2
    will adapt Alice Hoffman’s
    The Book of Magic
    and aims to honor the original characters and story faithfully.
  • The sequel, set for release in 2025 and will see Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman reprising their roles.
  • Original screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will also return.

Practical Magic 2 producer Denise Di Novi teases plot details and the release window for the sequel. Based on Alice Hoffman’s 1995 book of the same name, the original Practical Magic, which was released three years after the book it adapts, follows Sally and Gillian Owens, two witch sisters who must use their magic to resurrect the latter’s abusive boyfriend after mistakenly taking his life. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play the lead sisters, with the Practical Magic cast including names like Dianne Wiest, Stockard Channing, and Aidan Quinn.

Now, shortly after Practical Magic 2 was officially confirmed, Di Novi spoke to Entertainment Weekly, teasing that the upcoming sequel will adapt Hoffman’s follow-up novel to Practical Magic, titled The Book of Magic. The veteran producer, who was also responsible for the original movie, added that the upcoming sequel will be released sometime in 2025. Read her full comment below:

I think [fans are] going to be very pleased. We’re going to be very faithful. We’re cognizant to how important those characters and that movie are to so many people. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel. We’re going to draw from Alice Hoffman’s books, as the first movie did, and we’re going to be true to the chronology of how many years later it is.

It’s going to be in 2025, but I’m not exactly sure when

What Else Do We Know About Practical Magic 2?

The Movie Will Feature The Return Of Its Leads

For many years, the chances of a Practical Magic sequel were always slim. Upon release in 1998, the movie was met with a lukewarm reception from critics, and it also flopped at the box office, grossing $68.3 million worldwide against a $75 million budget. The movie, however, found a new lease on life when it went to home video, with audiences appreciating Bullock and Kidman’s striking chemistry.

The sequel will feature both Bullock and Kidman returning to reprise their respective roles. As the two leads have established themselves as bonafide stars, this will only help bolster the profile of the movie, In addition, it was also confirmed that Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter for the original movie, will return for this forthcoming sequel.


Practical Magic 2 Needs These 2 Actors More Than Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman

Practical Magic 2 will most likely bring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman back, but the sequel needs two other actors more than them.

As regards the other cast members, no other name has been confirmed for Practical Magic 2 at the time of writing. However, since Di Novi confirmed that this sequel will follow Hoffman’s 2021 sequel The Book of Magic, it is likely that Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest, both of whom played Frances and Jet Owens respectively, might also return for this sequel. With the production of this highly anticipated follow-up still in its early stages, more casting confirmations will come in the coming months.

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