A new report reveals that The Boondock Saints 3 is moving forward with the two original stars, but the original director will not be returning.

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The Boondock Saints 3 gets a new update, confirming that the project is moving forward with two original stars, but without the original director. Hitting theaters in 1999, The Boondock Saints stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery as two Irish Catholic brothers from Boston who embark on a religious mission to take out the city’s notorious criminals. The movie, which is directed by Troy Duffy, became a cult classic and eventually got a sequel in 2009, but a third film has languished in development hell ever since.



Now, Deadline shares a new update on The Boondock Saints 3, revealing that the sequel is moving forward at Thunder Road with both Reedus and Patrick Flanery returning. The movie, which has been dubbed a “reimagining,” will not include the return of Duffy to the director’s chair, with the filmmaker choosing instead to continue his vision of the franchise through a series of novels. Story details regarding the third film are scarce, but the report says the film will include the “indoctrination of new ‘Saints’.”

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