• Jack Black expresses interest in
    School of Rock 2
    , but says Mike White would have to return to write it.
  • White is currently busy making
    White Lotus
    for HBO.
  • Now is the perfect time for a
    School of Rock
    sequel due to Black’s popularity thanks to movies like
    The Super Mario Bros. Movie
    Kung Fu Panda 4



Jack Black expresses interested in making School of Rock 2, as long as one condition is met. Released in 2003, School of Rock stars Black as Dewey Finn, a rocker without a band who poses as a substitute teacher and turns his class into a rock group. The movie was directed by Richard Linklater and written by Mike White, and it remains one of the most well-known and beloved films of Black’s career.

In a recent interview with JOE, Black reveals that he wants to bring School of Rock 2 to life, and he even pitches a title. According to the actor, however, any sequel would need White back as the writer. Read Black’s full comment below:

“I wish there’d be a School of Rock 2 Electric Boogaloo. I’m ready. You know Mike White wrote the first one and he’s a genius. And we’d have to have Mike White back in the saddle, but he’s real busy right now with White Lotus, the best show on TV.”


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Now Is The Perfect Time For A School Of Rock Sequel

Jack Black as Dewey Finn in School of Rock.

It’s now been over 20 years since the release of the original movie, and much of the School of Rock cast has gone off to do different things, including projects outside of the movie business. Black, however, remains a popular star, and a few recent releases have only solidified this. If a sequel were to move forward, it could be hitting at the perfect time in Black’s career.

Black played a prominent role as part of the The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s cast last year, playing Bowser, the central villain. The movie was a massive hit, earning over $1.36 billion worldwide. While Mario is evidently the star of the show in the film, Black’s performance as Bowser was a major highlight. His song from the The Super Mario Bros. Movie, “Peaches,” also became a big hit, and the movie has largely solidified Black as a draw for a younger generation of audiences.

“Peaches debuted at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S. following the release of
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Black also leads the cast of Kung Fu Panda 4 as Po, a movie that has earned positive reviews from critics and been a success at the box office. Both The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Kung Fu Panda 4 are animated films, but Black is a standout in both, with his comedic persona coming across in his voice acting. If School of Rock 2 does happen, it would be landing at a time when Black remains a major comedic star, potentially allowing the film to reach new audiences.

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