• Cillian Murphy is confirmed to return for
    Peaky Blinders
    movie, as creator Steven Knight reveals shooting starts in September.
  • The movie will explore WWII and the unresolved storyline from the season 6 finale, setting up a potential focus on other core characters.
  • While Murphy’s role remains uncertain, other key cast members like Paul Anderson, Tom Hardy, and Stephen Graham could return.



Peaky Blinders series creator Steven Knight confirms Cillian Murphy will return for the movie. Academy Award-winner Murphy portrayed Birmingham gang leader Tommy Shelby in the hugely popular BBC period crime drama, which ran six seasons and 36 episodes between 2013 and 2022. The show followed the Shelby family and their gang, the Peaky Blinders, from 1919 through the Prohibition Era of 1933, with Tommy seeking opportunities to turn away from a life of crime and even venture into politics. The long-teased Peaky Blinders feature film was finally confirmed earlier this year, but it left questions about whether Murphy would return.

In a red carpet interview with Birmingham World, Knight revealed that the 28 Days Later star will be involved, stating: “He definitely is returning for it.” The creator also shared that the movie will start filming in September. Read his full comments below:

“He definitely is returning for it. We’re shooting it in September just down the road in Digbeth…. I mean he’s brilliant, and he’s such a great human being and he leads the line when we’re shooting and he’s so level-headed and straight forward. He deserves everything he gets.”

What Will The Peaky Blinders Movie Be About & Who Else Will Appear In It?

The remaining cast for the Peaky Blinders movie is still yet to be confirmed.

Peaky Blinders
season 6 finale saw Tommy Shelby left with a complex choice: take revenge on his enemies, or live a new life with the world thinking he was dead.

In terms of the storyline, Knight already revealed that the movie will be set during World War 2 and will explore the characters’ lives during this conflict. The Peaky Blinders season 6 finale saw Tommy Shelby left with a complex choice: take revenge on his enemies, or live a new life with the world thinking he was dead. This left Tommy’s fate undecided, and it’s likely the movie will explore this plot thread. There was also the banishment of Finn Shelby by his nephew Duke, following his betrayal, which will likely be explored in more depth.


Every Upcoming Peaky Blinders Spinoff

Though Peaky Blinders is over, the franchise has not finished entirely, and as of now, there are three Peaky Blinders spinoffs in development.

While Murphy’s return as Tommy has been confirmed, it is unclear how prominent a role he (or the character) is likely to play in the movie. It could well be the case that he is only featured briefly, with the focus being on other characters who were introduced or became more prominent in season 6. There is no official cast list, but it seems likely that many of the core cast will return, except Helen McCrory, who sadly passed away before season 6.

Here are some cast members who could return for the Peaky Blinders movie.



Paul Anderson

Arthur Shelby

Anya Taylor-Joy

Gina Grey

Tom Hardy

Alfie Solomons

Stephen Graham

Hayden Stagg

Sam Claflin

Oswald Mosley

Conrad Khan

Erasmus ‘Duke’ Shelby

Harry Kirton

Finn Shelby

While no names besides Murphy have been confirmed yet, it feels likely that most of the key characters would be involved in the project. There is no release date for the movie, but Knight is promoting his new series This Town, which is due for release on March 31, so more details may come to light. Nevertheless, Murphy’s involvement is a promising start for Peaky Blinders, with a likely chance of the movie coming out in late 2025 or 2026 if the filming timeline stands.

Source: Birmingham World

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