• Tickets for
    Star Wars Celebration
    2025 go on sale starting May 3, with a pre-sale for 2023 Jedi Master VIP ticket holders.
  • Star Wars Celebration
    is skipping 2024, with the 2025 event set to take place in Japan.
  • Projects that could shown off at the 2025 event include:
    The Mandalorian and Grogu
    Star Wars: New Jedi Order
    season 2, and more.



Star Wars Celebration 2025 gets its first official poster, with tickets for the event confirmed to go on sale in May. More than 45 years after the release of 1977’s A New Hope, love for the franchise remains as strong as ever, and Star Wars Celebration has become a key way that Lucasfilm unveils new movies and TV shows to the world. After taking place in London in 2023, the anticipated event is skipping 2024, but it’s set to make a big return in Japan in 2025 to provide a look ahead at upcoming Star Wars projects.

The official Star Wars Celebration account on X, formerly Twitter, now shares the official key art for the 2025 event, confirming that tickets go on sale starting May 3 at 7:00 pm EDT (U.S. Time) and 8:00 am JST (Japan Time)

Those who bought a 2023 Jedi Master VIP ticket will get first dibs on tickets with a pre-sale starting May 1 at 12:00 pm EDT. The announcement of the ticket sale dates and times accompanies the official key art for the event, which features Japanese cherry blossoms over a purple background, with Darth Vader ominously to one side.

What Can Viewers Expect From Star Wars Celebration 2025?

There Are Some Exciting Projects On The Horizon

Diego Luna as Andor in season 1 finale

While no official information has been revealed about what will be shared at Star Wars Celebration 2025, there are a number of exciting projects currently in the works in the franchise that could be major focuses. The Mandalorian and Grogu movie was announced earlier this year, for example, with production confirmed to start in 2024. The big-screen outing for Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and Grogu, which is directed by Jon Favreau, isn’t set to hit theaters until May 2026, but it’s possible that Star Wars Celebration will feature some kind of poster or teaser debut.


Will The Mandalorian Season 4 Come Before Or After Its Upcoming Spin-Off Movie?

With Lucasfilm executive Dave Filoni seemingly teasing the possibility of The Mandalorian season 4, questions about its chronology have been raised.

Another project that could get some attention at the 2025 event is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Star Wars: New Jedi Order. This film, which will feature the return of Daisy Ridley’s Rey in a story set 15 years after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, was announced at the 2023 Star Wars Celebration. No firm production start date has been shared for the film, but rumors suggest that filming could get underway in spring 2024, and comments from Obaid-Chinoy earlier this year suggest that this may be true.

Another project that was recently confirmed to be back in development is Patty Jenkins’
Rogue Squadron
movie, and it’s possible that this project will get an update at the 2025 event.

Andor season 2 and Ahsoka season 2 could also be present in some form at the event. The former series was supposed to release in 2024, but it was pushed back to 2025 due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes last year. In addition to projects that have already been confirmed, it’s likely that Star Wars Celebration 2025 will also feature some surprise announcements for movies or TV shows that haven’t yet been revealed. Those looking to attend the event thankfully don’t have too long left to wait before they can get their hands on tickets.

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Star Wars Celebration 2023 Poster

Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration is a comic-con-like event devoted specifically to the Star Wars franchise. Beginning in 1999 in Denver, Colorado, to celebrate Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace, the events are known for releasing first looks at upcoming Star Wars content. In 2023, the event will be held at ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London from April 7-10.

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