• Anthony Mackie has not only offered a disappointing
    The Falcon & Winter Soldier
    season 2 update, but also downplays Bucky and Sam’s reunion chances.
  • The star candidly explained the downside of doing
    Captain America: Brave New World
    means ”
    I don’t have my friends anymore
    ” during filming.
  • Bucky’s overall MCU future after
    has remained unclear, particularly as the movie’s original ending saw the antihero team sent on a suicide mission.



The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America (Anthony Mackie) dashes hope of two potential reunions between his character and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Mackie is set to star as the titular hero in Captain America: Brave New World, while Stan will be reprising his role as Barnes in Thunderbolts. Previously, the pair starred together in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Given their buddy cop dynamic, viewers were holding onto hope that the show might receive a season 2 or that Barnes would make an appearance in Mackie’s movie.

In an interview with Radio Times, Mackie discussed the situation surrounding Captain America: Brave New World, and it doesn’t look good for Bucky and Sam Wilson reuniting. Mackie confirmed that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will not get a season 2, as his movie was greenlit in place of a second season. He also insinuated Stan would not be in the new Captain America movie, as he mentioned not having his “friends” with him anymore while filming. Check out his statement below:

The Falcon and [the] Winter Soldier, I really enjoyed doing that show. I was actually excited to do a second season, just so me and Sebastian [Stan] can get paid to hang out. Because it’s like me, him and Daniel Brühl. It’s kind of like the perfect storm of happiness. When they decided to go back to the movies, it is what it is, but I don’t have my friends anymore, so it kind of dampens it a little bit.

When Captain America’s Reunion With Bucky May Happen (If It Does)

Sam Wilson as the Falcon and Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Mackie’s statement is concerning, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2 and Captain America: Brave New World were the two projects with the most potential for reuniting Barnes and Wilson. While he does seemingly shut the door on a second season of the show, his statement isn’t an official confirmation about Barnes’ absence in the movie. His wording is fairly vague, and the MCU is known for attempting to keep secrets, so perhaps Barnes will make a surprise appearance in Mackie’s movie. If not, the prospects of a reunion aren’t very good.

While Mackie is anticipated to remain as the MCU’s patriotic hero after Captain America: Brave New World, the only project Stan is currently tied to is Thunderbolts. There has been no indication that Wilson will make an appearance in Stan’s new movie, but the theory hasn’t been debunked. Hence, there’s a slight chance that Mackie could appear in Thunderbolts. However, given the films’ close release dates, it would be unusual to bring Mackie back just months after his solo movie premiered. Plus, Thunderbolts is already in danger of being overstuffed with its impressive anti-hero line-up.

There’s also a chance that a Wilson and Barnes reunion may never happen. One theory about Thunderbolts is that Barnes dies in the movie, especially after reports arose that its initial ending saw the team dying after taking up a suicide mission. While this was reportedly scrapped, one can’t help but wonder if some deaths might carry over, especially since it would bring Bucky’s redemption arc to a full-circle closure. Prospects of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2 made this theory unlikely, but after Mackie’s Captain America: Brave New World update, this scenario is still on the table.

Source: Radio Times

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