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  • Exciting news as Disney’s
    Wizards of Waverly Place
    sequel series is in the works with original stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie.
  • The siblings are all grown up and set to produce the show, bringing back familiar magic with new adventures and challenges to face.
  • Fans can expect a mix of nostalgia and fresh content as
    is set to premiere on Disney+ and Disney Channel later this year.

There’s a feeling of déjà vu in the air with the first image of Disney’s upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place sequel series. Justin (David Henrie) and Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) are leaning on one another once again for more magical adventures, this time acting as executive producers in addition to co-stars. The shot shared on the Disney+ Twitter page directly mirrors a heartwarming moment from the classic show, except the siblings are now grown up and weary as they face the whimsical adventures that lie ahead after years away from television.

The release comes after the House of Mouse picked up the sequel, currently under the working title of Wizards, for a full series order earlier today. Work on the project had been underway for some time at Disney with Gomez and Henrie helping to shape the direction of the return to Waverly Place, but with the first season now locked in, it’s full steam ahead in hopes of releasing the show on Disney+ and the Disney Channel sometime later this year. Filming is slated to get underway in April with Gomez set to appear as a guest star in the pilot while Henrie takes the reins alongside a new young wizard named Billie (Janice LeAnn Brown).

Wizards picks up with Justin and Alex as the former tries to leave behind his magical heritage in favor of a normal family life with his wife Giada (Mimi Gianopulos) and his two sons, Roman (Alkaio Thiele) and Milo (Max Matenko). There’s no escaping who he is, however, when Alex brings the talented Billie to his attention. She believes that the fledgling magician has the power to protect the Wizard World, but she needs guidance to realize her potential. He’ll need to confront his past to help the future of magic thrive, all while balancing his new existence with a family of his own.

Where Have Gomez and Henrie Been Since ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’?

Image via Disney

Both Gomez and Henrie have kept busy since leaving Waverly Place behind following its 2013 special The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex. Gomez is now an Emmy nominee thanks to her work as Mabel Mora alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short in the hit Hulu murder mystery comedy Only Murders in the Building which is gearing up for a star-studded fourth season. Henrie, meanwhile, has built a varied resume, including an appearance in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and, more recently, Max & Me. To ensure their return for Wizards hits the mark, Disney built a talented team around them, including Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas of Raven’s Home on board as writers and executive producers while Paul Blart 2 director Andy Fickman reunites with Henrie as the pilot director who’s now set to helm multiple episodes of the series.

Stay tuned here at Collider for more on Wizards as work continues on the sequel series. The original Wizards of Waverly Place is currently streaming on Disney+. Check out the composite image below.

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