• Rejected by top film festivals and agencies,
    Your Lucky Day
    has defied the odds to become a Top 10 Netflix hit.
  • Luke Barnett took to Twitter to celebrate the streaming debut and highlight the unpredictability of success in the film industry.
  • Streaming platforms like Netflix offer a new lease on life for movies that were initially overlooked by traditional routes.



Your Lucky Day producer Luke Barnett has named the talent agencies and film festivals that passed on the movie as it hits the US Netflix Top 10. Written and directed by Dan Brown, the survival drama follows a dispute over a winning lottery ticket that turns bloody, and the fall-out as witnesses must decide how far they’re willing to go for a cut. Starring late Euphoria star Angus Cloud, as well as Elliott Knight and Jessica Garza, the movie made its SVOD debut in early March following its November 2023 release.

Following its debut on the platform, Your Lucky Daydebuted on Netflix‘s US Top 10 movie list for the week of March 11-17, ranking at No. 6 ahead of Unthinkable, Turbo and The Boss Baby. In honor of this success, Barnett took to his Twitter to celebrate.

The post, as seen above, shows Barnett listing the various agencies and film festivals that rejected the crime thriller, some of which included Sundance, SXSW and CAA, among others, who felt it “too small” to represent. Barnett ultimately declared that those who passed on it don’t know anything, as the streaming success indicates a chance at a wider reach if it had been given such a release.

Will Your Lucky Day Continue to Find Streaming Success?

Angus Cloud, Elliott Knight and Jessica Garza in Your Lucky Day

Barnett’s comments were most likely made with tongue firmly in cheek, but it does show that many projects are turned down before they have the chance to become successful. Your Lucky Day boasts an impressive cast list, and even still it was passed over multiple times before it was released. Though the movie was a box office failure, it has enjoyed a new lease of life on streaming, and this shows the many opportunities that movies have to become a success these days, with Barnett’s comments showcasing the importance of taking a chance on projects.

“Though the movie was a box office failure, it has enjoyed a new lease of life on streaming, and this shows the many opportunities that movies have to become a success these days…”

There are a lot of different reasons why movies can enjoy a resurgence in popularity, even if they have a poor box office run. Famously, The Shawshank Redemption became a flop during its initial theatrical run, but enjoyed intense and prolonged success on video rental, and streaming platforms are an even easier avenue for movies to become successful these days. Your Lucky Day has a satisfying ending, and an ambiguous mid-credits scene, which has seemingly captured the imagination of audiences streaming at home, and could see the movie continue to enjoy success in the Netflix charts.

Barnett’s post should not be taken as a slight against these companies or festivals, but rather a lesson for filmmakers and representatives that occasionally successful, quality projects are not always obvious in the first instance. The streaming success of the movie, along with the resurgence of other lesser-known projects on Netflix, shows that streaming is the ultimate medium these days for getting projects in front of the largest possible audience, and movies like Your Lucky Day might never have been enjoyed by a large viewership were it not for platforms like Netflix.

Your Lucky Day is available to stream on Netflix.

Sources: Netflix & Luke Barnett/Twitter

Your Lucky Day 2023 Movie Poster

Your Lucky Day

Your Lucky Day is a 2023 crime thriller from writer-director Daniel Brown and features Angus Young in his final film role before his passing. When a down-on-his-luck drug dealer named Sterling overhears a man scan a lottery ticket worth $156 Million, his decision to steal it leads to a deadly shootout and a small group of hostages. Determined to survive, Sterling offers the witnesses a cut, leaving them to decide how far they’re willing to go for a better life.

Daniel Brown

Release Date
November 10, 2023

Well Go USA Entertainment

Daniel Brown

Angus Cloud , elliot knight , Jessica Garza , Sterling Beaumon , Mousa Hussein Kraish , Jason Wiles , Sebastian Sozzi , Spencer Garrett , Jason O’Mara

89 Minutes

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