• David Corenswet’s Superman costume for James Gunn’s movie gets imagined by fan concept art.
  • The “S” symbol on Corenswet’s suit was inspired by DC Comics’ Kingdom Come.
  • Gunn’s Superman film, set to release in 2025, will blend classic and modern elements in the costume.



David Corenswet sports an incredible costume for James Gunn’s Superman in stunning DC Universe fan concept art. Superman will be the first movie of the new DCU, arriving in theaters in 2025, while the animated series Creature Commandos starts the universe later this year. After months of speculation, Gunn revealed the first tease of Corenswet’s Superman costume, and it has sparked many fan depictions of what David Corenswet’s Superman will look like.

On Instagram, artist @21xfour shared striking fan concept art of Corenswet’s Man of Steel in Gunn’s Superman.

Corenswet gets the classic Superman trunks in the concept art, which has been a major point of debate for fans over the last several months. The costume is made whole by the “S” symbol revealed by Gunn, with Superman’s suit being inspired by a specific comic book for 2025’s Superman reboot.


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What We Know About David Corenswet’s Superman Costume

The “S” Symbol Is Inspired By A Famous DC Comics Story

David Corenswet and different Superman suits

Recently, Gunn revealed that Superman‘s title had changed. In order to celebrate the start of filming on the DCU’s first movie, which happened to be on Clark Kent’s birthday — February 29 — Gunn announced that Superman: Legacy had been retitled to just Superman. Adding to that, the director shared the first peek at Corenswet’s Superman costume, which included the “S” symbol covered in snow.

Superman’s Houe of El crest for the movie was inspired by the Kingdom Come story from DC Comics, though the film has changed the comics’ red and black colors to the traditional yellow and red. Previously, the Kingdom Come Superman suit appeared in full in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns, came back as the hero and donned both the traditional Kingdom Come Superman suit and a variant of it with a yellow and red crest, similar to Corenswet’s.

Gunn has yet to reveal the full look at Corenswet’s Superman suit. Before filming started, the director took to social media to reveal some details about the suit, including how it would be a mix of classic and modern. Gunn also weighed in on the trunks or no trunks debate, saying, “To me, not the most important aspect of Superman or his story.” With filming underway, Corenswet’s superhero costume in the DCU’s Superman could be revealed soon.

Superman Legacy Comic Cover

Superman (2025)

Release Date
July 11, 2025

David Corenswet , Rachel Brosnahan , María Gabriela De Faría

Source: @21xfour/Instagram

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