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  • Harrison Ford brings cheer to the set of
    in a hula skirt, as seen in a set video.
  • The creators of
    push Ford out of his comfort zone, adding singing and comedic elements to the role.
  • Ford will also appear in Marvel’s
    Captain America: Brave New World
    , expanding his action-oriented roles.

While many of us are still experiencing the cold of winter, things are heating up for Harrison Ford on the set of Shrinking. The Apple TV+ series is officially shooting its second season, and a recent social media post shared by Discussing Film shows what appears to be Ford’s Dr. Paul Rhoades bringing some Hawaiian cheer into his office. Throughout life, you’re bound to encounter more than one thing that will make you say “I didn’t know that I needed that” and the iconic actor dressed in a hula skirt is certainly one of them. After putting the final touches on his costume, Ford rushes over to his character’s desk while the production crew cheers him on. Never one to let us down, Ford gives a sarcastic “Let’s shoot this piece of shit!” before the cameras presumably start rolling, and the clip cuts out.

Shrinking co-creators Bill Lawrence, Jason Segel, and Brett Goldstein have certainly been able to coax Ford out of his comfort zone on more than just this one occasion, as last season, they roped him into singing a song by the classic ‘90s band, Sugar Ray. The first season of the Apple TV+ comedy-drama bowed out almost a full year ago, so it’s great to see that Ford is back in his office ready to take on new patients in the next batch of episodes.

The first season of Shrinking introduced audiences to Segel’s character, Jimmy Laird, a therapist who, while grieving the death of his wife, begins to take an unconventional approach to helping his patients reach their fullest potential. Along with Segal and Ford, the show also features performances from Jessica Williams (the Fantastic Beasts film series), Christa Miller (The Drew Carey Show), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), and Lukita Maxwell (Generation).

What Else Is Harrison Ford Working On?

For those who love Ford for his legendary action chops, fear not, as the actor will soon(ish) appear in Marvel’s Captain America: Brave New World. Starring Anthony Mackie in his first feature-length appearance as the leader of the Avengers, the movie drops in February 2025 and will see Ford star as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in what will be his first of (hopefully) many projects with the superhero studio. At this time, he’s also set to appear in Marvel’s other 2025 release, Thunderbolts, so we’re hoping that the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise legend sticks around with the heroes for a while.

At this time, Shrinking hasn’t revealed any further plot details or a release window for its return to Apple TV+, but you can catch up on the first season, which is now streaming. Check out the clip of Ford in all of his delightful luau glory below.

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