• A lighthearted piece of fan art depicts the MCU’s Fantastic Four using their respective powers: Reed Richards super stretching, Sue Storm turning invisible, Johnny Storm igniting, & The Thing’s full rock form.
  • The Fantastic Four
    will bring a fresh take on Marvel’s First Family with their 1960s origins, minimalist suits, and connection to the wider MCU.
  • The MCU’s Fantastic Four also bring HERBIE along with them, and possibly other new characters like Franklin and Valeria Richards.



An exciting artwork featuring The Fantastic Four‘s main cast shows what the MCU‘s First Family will likely look like when they use their famous superpowers together on the big screen. Phase 5’s The Fantastic Four movie is in active development, with Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Joseph Quinn making up The Fantastic Four‘s MCU cast, and an official concept image revealing what the heroes’ suits might look like in their debut movie. Given the movie’s potential 1960s setting, the Fantastic Four are set to stand out visually within the MCU.

With The Fantastic Four‘s first official image as inspiration, artist @daxramires imagines what the Fantastic Four’s powers will look like in the MCU. The artwork depicts Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards stretching up his neck, Vanessa Kirby’s Sue Storm turning part of his head invisible, Joseph Quinn’s Johnny Storm igniting his hair, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Ben Grimm in full The Thing form. See the image below:

Every Way The Fantastic Four Will Be Different In The MCU

The Fantastic Four have gone through many changes since their comic book debut in November 1961, including their time as the Future Foundation and their varied line-ups. In live-action, the Fantastic Four have had a campy adaptation in 1994’s Fantastic Four, two lighthearted movies in 2005’s Fantastic Four and 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and a gritty iteration in 2015’s Fant4stic. Despite the team’s long history, the MCU will offer a brand-new take on the Fantastic Four in their 2025 movie, as evidenced by their 1960s origins, minimalist suits, and connection with the wider Marvel universe.

The Fantastic Four’s introduction within the MCU allows many supporting characters from the comics to make their own debut.

In previous movies, the Fantastic Four have been anomalies of science in the modern day. They get their powers after an experimental trip into uncharted territory goes wrong, and they become famous superheroes who face off against Doctor Doom. The MCU’s version of the Fantastic Four will likely get their powers in the 1960s and somehow be forgotten for several decades afterward, possibly due to their disappearance in the Negative Zone, which was absent in previous movies. Doctor Doom, conversely, will likely be reserved for a future sequel, or at least will likely play a smaller role this time.

The 2015
Fantastic Four
reboot replaced the Negative Zone with
“Planet Zero”.

Besides, the Fantastic Four’s robot assistant HERBIE will make his big screen debut in 2025’s The Fantastic Four. Introduced in the 1970s animated series The New Fantastic Four, HERBIE has become an important member of the team, having helped the Fantastic Four sense Galactus’ arrival and babysat Franklin Richards while his parents were busy saving the planet. While not confirmed yet, the Fantastic Four’s introduction within the MCU allows many other supporting characters from the comics to make their own debut, including Franklin and Valeria Richards, Mole Man, and Annihilus.

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