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  • Benedict Wong reacts to rumors about his character returning for
    Avengers: Secret Wars
    in a new interview with Men’s Health.
  • Wong doesn’t confirm or deny his return but expresses excitement about the Secret Wars comics.
  • Wong humorously mentions being the last to know about his role in
    Avengers: Secret Wars



Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong chimes in on the rumors about his character coming back for Avengers: Secret Wars as his next Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance.

In a new interview with Men’s Health, the outlet brought up Wong being listed as his Sorcerer Supreme in Avengers: Secret Wars on IMDb and asked the actor if there was any truth to it. While Wong never flat out confirms it, the MCU veteran also doesn’t deny it either, as he gave the following responses:

Men’s Health: When might we see Wong again? I know it’s not the most reliable source, but IMDb has you on the cast list for Avengers: Secret Wars.

Benedict Wong: I saw that! I thought, Oh, is that what I’m doing? Thanks for telling me, IMDb. Why am I the last person to know? But I loved the Secret Wars comics. I collected them all.

Men’s Health: But do you know if you’re definitely returning?

Benedict Wong: I’d like to think that IMDb doesn’t lie, you know?

Source: Men’s Health

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