• Tom Cruise could make a great Reverse-Flash in the DCU, as shown by fan art.
  • Cruise’s past performances indicate he would excel as a DC villain due to his intensity.
  • Cruise also has the potential to play heroes like Hal Jordan or The Question in the DC Universe.



Tom Cruise finally becomes a superhero thanks to striking DC Universe art. While Cruise’s name has been linked to some Marvel and DC superheroes in the past, notably as an alternative Iron Man to Robert Downey Jr., the actor has yet to join either franchise. With the DCU’s movie and TV show slate including many exciting possibilities for Cruise to become a hero or villain, new fan art depicts the star as a major DC foe.

On Instagram, @esheffects shared what Tom Cruise could look like as the DCU’s Reverse-Flash.

Given how Tom Cruise praised the
The Flash

, the actor playing Reverse-Flash in the DCU could be possible.

While Cruise is usually fancast as Marvel and DC heroes, the actor has a string of performances in his filmography, like in the movie Collateral, that show he would excel as a villain. Reverse-Flash is the nemesis of the Flash, which makes him a strong candidate to be part of the DCU whenever a new actor gets cast as Barry Allen or another DC speedster.


DC Heroes (& Villains) Tom Cruise Could Play

Tom Cruise has a long history of being linked to DC movies – but which should he actually star in? We break down the heroes and villains for Maverick.

What DCU Characters Tom Cruise Could Play

The Star Is Well-Suited For A Range Of Heroes & Villains

The DC character Cruise has often been mentioned as perfect for is the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. With the Guy Gardner version of Green Lantern, who is normally younger than Hal, being played by the 53-year-old Nathan Fillion in the DCU, Cruise has a chance of playing the most popular version of Green Lantern. Cruise’s time as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the Top Gun franchise makes him pitch-perfect casting for the confident test pilot Hal Jordan.

Another great DCU character for Cruise would be The Question. On social media, DC Studios creative chief James Gunn has teased The Question, and Cruise has the physicality for the role, as well as the acting skills to bring a faithful version of Vic Sage to life. Cruise would excel in the grounded approach to a character like The Question, with the actor’s action roles in projects like the two Jack Reacher movies showing that he can make such stories enticing. Sage is a charismatic and intelligent character, which is perfect for Cruise.

While Cruise can play multiple DCU heroes, it would be exciting to see the actor join the franchise as a villain instead, as it would allow Cruise to really let loose with a kind of role he has not played all that much. In movies like Interview with the Vampire, Magnolia, and Collateral, Cruise has shown that he has the intensity needed to give life to some of DC’s scene-stealing villains like Reverse-Flash, the Joker, Two-Face, and more. Whether he plays a hero or a villain, just having Tom Cruise join the DCU would be good news for the franchise.

The Flash 2023 Movie Poster

The Flash

Andres Muschietti

Release Date
June 16, 2023

Warner Bros. Pictures , DC

2 hours 24 minutes

Source: @esheffects/Instagram

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