• Mel Gibson’s 2022 thriller
    On the Line
    hit Netflix’s US Top 10 chart despite being previously overlooked.
  • Gibson’s star power likely contributed to the film’s success on the streaming service despite negative reviews.
  • The movie’s concise length and possibly its ending have fueled its newfound popularity.



Mel Gibson’s forgotten 2022 thriller On the Line has managed to climb its way onto Netflix’s Top 10 movies chart in the US. Gibson has been the star of plenty of well-known, suspenseful films, such as The Patriot and Signs. However, he’s also starred in a variety of smaller movies throughout his career, such as the 2016 action thriller Blood Father and 2021’s Boss Level.

Now, Netflix reports that many users are watching On the Line, a 2022 thriller starring Gibson that didn’t gain much traction when it came out. The film became Number 7 on the streamer’s Top 10 movies watched in the US for the week of March 18 through March 24, 2024. It seems that, despite initially not being popular on release, the movie has found new life on the streaming service.

Why Is On The Line Becoming A Netflix Hit?

Mel Gibson speaks on the mic in On The Line.

On the Line follows Gibson as provocative radio host Elvis Cooney, who ends up in the crosshairs of a mysterious caller threatening to harm his family and destroy his radio station. He is forced to go through a series of trials in order to keep everyone safe, with the mystery unraveling as the story unfolds. Despite its growing popularity, the film currently has a 20% critics score and 32% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gibson’s star power likely helped the thriller perform on the streaming service, given the numerous well-received films he’s starred in throughout his career. The movie is also 1 hour and 44 minutes long, making it a relatively short watch with a concise, singular story. It’s also possible On the Line‘s ending helped fuel its popularity, given some of the twists and turns that happen during its final act.


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Since On the Line has only breached Netflix’s Top 10 list over the last week, it’s unclear if the movie will end up maintaining its popularity into the future. However, given just how recognizable a face Gibson is, the film could continue to perform well going forward. If it does, then it may be a good sign for future thrillers the actor ends up starring in.

On the Line
is now streaming on Netflix.

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