National Treasure 3 gets a surprisingly hopeful update from producer Jerry Bruckheimer that contradicts Nicolas Cage’s recent comments about it.

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  • Jerry Bruckheimer confirms
    National Treasure 3
    is still in development, despite Nicolas Cage’s doubts.
  • Bruckheimer is hopeful for a sequel, and says they’re working with a brilliant writer on the script.
  • Once the script is written, it will go to Cage for approval, according to Bruckheimer.



Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirms National Treasure 3 is still in development despite Nicolas Cage’s recent comments casting doubt on the sequel coming to fruition. Cage exclusively told Screen Rant that “there is no National Treasure 3. If you want to find treasure, don’t look at Disney, okay? It’s not there.”

During an interview with MovieWeb, Bruckheimer offered a more hopeful update on National Treasure 3, confirming that it is still in development 17 years after the previous sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was released. Read Bruckheimer’s comments below:

Well, we hope there’s a National Treasure 3. We’ve been working on it for quite a while. We have a brilliant writer working on it right now, so hopefully, if we get a script in a timely fashion, we’ll send it to Nic [Cage] and, if he likes it, we’ll make another one. We certainly would like to.

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