• In a new interview, Chucky

    creator Don Mancini revealed that he is open to focusing solely on the
    Child’s Play
  • Mancini also revealed that he is in the early stages of creating a new Chucky movie.
  • No new information about the possible upcoming slasher movie has been revealed at this time.



A new movie in the Child’s Play franchise has been teased by Don Mancini. Mancini is the shepherd of the long-running horror franchise, having provided the story for the original 1988 slasher, written its six sequels, directed the most recent three installments, and created the television show Chucky, which will air season 3 part 2 this April. The only movie that did not feature Mancini’s participation was the 2019 remake of the same name, which has not received a sequel.

Scream Dreams Podcast (via Bloody Disgusting) recently sat down for an interview with Don Mancini. While the filmmaker revealed that he is working on developing other projects, he is “totally cool with” the possibility that all he will do from now on is create installments in the Child’s Play franchise. He also shared that he is in the “early stages” of a new Chucky movie. Read his full quote below:

Like anyone in this business, I want to do more things. At this point though if it’s only Chucky I’m totally cool with that. I have other things I want to do. I’m working on a new pilot. I’m also, actually, in the early stages of working on a new Chucky movie.

Where Could The New Child’s Play Movie Fit In The Chucky Canon?

The Chucky Show Might Be Running Alongside The Movie

Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler in Chucky

The element that most complicates this process is that the
Child’s Play

movies are in strict continuity with the show.

One curious aspect about Mancini’s revelation is that the Chucky show, which airs on USA Network and Syfy, is still ongoing. While the show has not yet been renewed for season 4, it is a distinct possibility that this will happen during or after the run of the final four episodes of season 3. Should that be the case, it is unclear how the movie’s story would intersect with the show, especially if the screenplay and season 4 are being developed at roughly the same time.

The element that most complicates this process is that the Child’s Play movies are in strict continuity with the show. In addition to featuring many legacy cast members, the events of the seven movies directly led to the show’s season 1. One of the defining elements of the franchise is its long-running continuity of cast and story, so it seems unlikely that the new movie would break from that tradition.

features the return of Brad Dourif as Chucky, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, and more.

This all means that it’s highly probable that some of the Chucky show characters could return alongside legacy characters in the movie. While little information is known about this new Child’s Play project, this seems like the most likely prospect. However, it could still operate in canon if it follows Chucky on a separate adventure with a brand-new cast, as the character can split his soul into multiple killer dolls at once, even though he has temporarily lost that power in the ongoing season 3 of the show.

Source: Scream Dreams Podcast (via Bloody Disgusting)

Child's Play Franchise Poster

Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a multimedia franchise that started in 1988 with Tom Holland’s film of the same name. Soon after, Chucky became a pop culture icon, thanks to a total of eight movies (including the remake) and a TV series on Syfy and USA. Today, Chucky is one of the most recognizable villains in horror history.

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