• Elizabeth Olsen fan art imagines her as Mera in new DC Universe projects amid casting uncertainty.
  • James Gunn’s DC Universe will launch with his Superman film and will connect live-action and animated projects.
  • DC fans await Aquaman characters’ fate in the rebooted universe, with new actors and storyline to come.



New DC Universe fan art imagines Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen as the new Mera, following Amber Heard’s iteration. James Gunn’s DC Universe is on its way, with multiple live-action movies and TV shows being developed, as well as animated projects, that will all be interconnected with each other. The first movie that is currently in production is Gunn’s Superman film, which will properly kick off Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters.”

While various actors have been tapped in upcoming DC Universe movies and TV shows, there are still many superheroes and villains left to be cast. For the role of Queen Mera, Skai Witch shared artwork of what Olsen could look like as the iconic Atlantean heroine, if she made the move from the MCU over to the DC Universe.

Heard previously played Mera in the DCEU movie timeline as part of both Aquaman and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Mera also made an appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is technically her DCEU debut prior to starring in the Aquaman films.


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What Is Going On With The Aquaman Characters In James Gunn’s DC Universe?

Despite heroes like Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern already being confirmed for the DC Universe, it is unclear what DC Studios is aiming to take the Aquaman characters. Like with most of the DCEU’s Justice League actors, Jason Momoa will not be reprising the role of Arthur Curry, although he is reportedly set to maybe play a new character in the DC Universe. Heard will not be back for the DC Universe at all, and neither will most of the Aquaman cast.

There is also no new Aquaman movie in the works, and Gunn has yet to tease if/when they intend to reboot the Justice League hero for the DC Universe. It is possible that an Aquaman project is slated for later in Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” as they haven’t announced the entire line-up yet. However, there is also the chance that Aquaman will be a supporting character in the DC Universe before getting his own film again, given the mixed reception to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Even though Momoa was phenomenal as Aquaman, it may not be a bad thing if DC Studios wait a bit longer to reboot the King of Atlantis. With the amount of DC characters that they can use, the DC Universe could focus on establishing heroes who have yet to get the spotlight. For now, time will tell how Aquaman and his mythology fit into the larger DC Universe.

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The DC Universe is one of the biggest comic book franchises and often competes with Marvel. DC Comics started as National Allied Publications, founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1935. Since then, the franchise has exploded with thousands of comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games. 2013 marked the beginning of the most recent iteration of the superheroes, with Zack Snyder introducing Henry Cavill as Superman. After several movies with mixed reviews, DC underwent a soft reboot under the helm of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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