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  • Kathy Hilton and Sutton Stracke have cleared the air after rumors of tension.
  • Hilton admits she was actually the one afraid of Stracke back in Season 11.
  • Hilton, Stracke, and Kyle Richards are now all on better terms, making Season 14 potentially smoother.

Kathy Hilton may have had a back-and-forth relationship with her sister, Kyle Richards, but she has also had a rollercoaster ride of a friendship with Sutton Stracke during her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rumors began during the Season 13 reunion of the reality series when Stracke became ill and had to leave to go to the hospital, with fans believing she did so to avoid being confronted by Hilton. It didn’t help that Hilton, on camera, did not seem concerned about Stracke’s health and can be heard saying to Erika Jayne “I was about to [go after her]. I think she knew it. It’s a good way to get out of being here.” Now, Stracke and Hilton are clearing the air.

More importantly, Hilton is admitting that she was actually the one afraid but way back in Season 11. Stracke joined the series during Season 10 as a friend before she became a main housewife and in Season 11, Hilton joined the series in a “friend” role. The two would go back and forth on the show, and it forced the two to go on Instagram Live to clarify some things. “So that y’all don’t get confused. I love Kathy, and I was not afraid of her at the reunion. I just want to make sure that we are clear on that,” Stracke said.

Later in the live, Hilton explained how she was afraid of Stracke heading into the Season 11 reunion because of a joke that Stracke seemed to make. “We’d known each other from charity events — so I’m going to the reunion my first season, so [Sutton] joked with me, she said, ‘I’m gonna come and get ya,‘” Hilton said. Stracke did not seem to remember. But Hilton went on to say “Oh my god, that scared me.”

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Kathy Hilton and Sutton Stracke Have Made Amends

Stracke was at odds with Richards throughout Season 13, one of the reasons why fans thought she was trying to avoid Hilton at the reunion. But the two have seemingly fixed their friendship after Stracke apologized to her.


Kyle Richards’ Is Ruining ‘RHOBH’

Kyle Richards’ power trip on ‘RHOBH’ needs to come to an end.

It’s unclear if Hilton will return to the show. Her sister, Richards, had a difficult season and admits she’s not sure if she’ll return to the franchise amid her marital struggles with Mauricio Umansky being highlighted. Richards is also under a microscope due to her relationship with country singer, Morgan Wade.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can be streamed on Peacock.

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