• Gunn debunks the rumor of Boyd Holbrook being cast as Two-Face in
    The Batman – Part II
  • With
    The Batman – Part II
    release delayed until 2026; Gunn calls out false info in casting reports.
  • Gunn denies the actors’ involvement in the sequel as he blames sites for false info and clickbait.



James Gunn sets the record straight on a major The Batman – Part II casting rumor, with reports floating around about a certain DC villain joining the sequel. As James Gunn’s DC Universe is on the horizon, Matt Reeves is still fleshing out The Batman universe, which will remain an Elseworlds franchise. Following the major success of the first film, The Batman – Part II is in the works with Robert Pattinson returning as the Caped Crusader.

Following the news that the sequel won’t be released until 2026, The Batman – Part II cast is expected to start filming sometime in 2025. As he is currently working on his new Superman movie, Gunn recently took to Threads to debunk a new casting rumor regarding The Batman – Part II.

James Gunn Debunks Two-Face Rumor In The Batman Part II

When asked by brooklyn_batman_ to comment on a rumor that Boyd Holbrook had been cast as the DC foe Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face, Gunn commented with, “Fake.”

James Gunn Expands On The Batman Part II Rumor

Mcarlisi asked if Gunn believes that “managers/agents/publicists do this to try and build public hype to convince you/studios to cast there person?” Gunn responded with, “No I don’t think this has anything to do with Boyd and his people. Sometimes it’s an honest mistake by web sites who’ve gotten false info (although they’re jumping the gun journalistically) & other times it’s just made up for clicks. I don’t know which one this is.”


All 5 Upcoming Batman Movie Appearances, Ranked By Excitement

Batman has some exciting movies in store, with the Dark Knight set to play a major role in James Gunn’s new DC Universe and more in the near future.

Who Is The Actual Villain In The Batman – Part II?

When it comes to the villain in The Batman – Part II, that has been one of the bigger mysteries for the longest time. Over the last few months, various characters like Mister Freeze, Hush, and Clayface have been heavily rumored to serve as the main antagonists in the next installment. However, Reeves has yet to reveal any details as he has been focusing more on The Penguin TV show, which is arriving on Max this fall.

There have been theories that Barry Keoghan’s Joker will step up and have a more prominent role in The Batman – Part II after his brief but unforgettable introduction in The Batman. While he may be in The Batman – Part II, it is also possible that he won’t be the primary enemy in the upcoming story. However, until Reeves reveals any specific details himself, the world will have to keep speculating who will be the actual central foe in The Batman – Part II.

Given the amount of Batman villains that exist in the comics, The Batman – Part II should ideally try to tap into characters who have yet to be explored in a live-action movie. Someone like Hush, for example, would definitely fit into the world that Reeves has created through his The Batman franchise. Hopefully, Reeves will be able to reveal some big news for The Batman – Part II later this year.

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The Batman Part II

The Batman Part II is the sequel to Matt Reeve’s The Batman, released in 2022, and will continue where the original film left off. The film shares a universe with the HBO Max original Penguin series and sees the return of the Riddler and a different incarnation of the Joker.

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