• Popular artist BossLogic envisions MCU stars Florence Pugh and Jessica Henwick as
    Street Fighter
    characters in a new live-action movie.
  • Legendary Entertainment has acquired the
    Street Fighter
    franchise rights and is in development on a new movie.
  • The
    Street Fighter
    movie development could lead to a bigger shared universe.



Two MCU stars are imagined as Street Fighter characters in speculative art. Capcom’s celebrated fighting game franchise released its sixth main series entry in 2023 with Street Fighter 6, which combined iconic returning fighters with new player-created characters. 2023 also saw Monsterverse and Dune production company Legendary Entertainment acquire the television and movie rights to the Street Fighter franchise, kicking off development for a new theatrical adaptation.

Popular artist BossLogic has shared his own depiction of two of Street Fighter‘s most well-known characters on Twitter, as if they were gearing up for a new live-action movie. Check it out below:

The artwork imagines Black Widow star Florence Pugh as former Shadaloo agent-turned-MI6 operative Cammy White, while Iron Fist‘s Jessica Henwick is envisioned as the vengeance-seeking Interpol officer and deadly martial-artist Chun-Li. Both images draw inspiration from the early Street Fighter games to design the costumes.

What We Know About Legendary’s Street Fighter Movie

William Guile tries to stop Bison in Street Fighter

It has been three years since a movie inspired by a Capcom video game has been released, 2021’s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Capcom has seen little critical success when it comes to live-action adaptations of their properties; for example, Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil saga and Monster Hunter adaptations veered away from their source material and were criticized for it. 1994’s Street Fighter was largely panned save for Raul Julia’s memorable M. Bison performance. However, Legendary’s Street Fighter may be the start of an ambitious new franchise.


Street Fighter’s New Live-Action Revival Could Fix The Original Movie’s Problem

A recent development may find The Street Fighter franchise able to redeem its poorly received 1994 movie and improve its live-action record.

When Street Fighter entered development in 2023, Legendary quickly began searching for directors. Talk To Me filmmakers Daniel and Michael Phillipou were later selected to helm the project. While the duo’s hit horror debut and previous work on YouTube show how suited they are to directing Street Fighter, Legendary’s acquisition of the series’ television rights could show that the company has goals beyond a single movie. With an ever-growing roster of characters, Street Fighter offers plenty of potential for a shared universe.

Though there have been few updates on the new Street Fighter, recent successful video game adaptations may bode well for the in-development movie. With a vibrant cast of memorable characters, the franchise offers plenty of potential stories, such as Cammy’s battles with the demons of her past or Chun-Li’s quest for vengeance. As such, BossLogic’s artwork is perfect at setting an example of how Pugh and Henwick could easily lead a successful Street Fighter adaptation.

Street Fighter
‘s 1994 movie is available to rent and purchase on Apple TV, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store.

Source: BossLogic/Twitter

Street Fighter

Steven E. de Souza

Release Date
December 23, 1994

Steven E. de Souza

102 minutes

$35 million

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