• Original novel author James Frey announces the development of a reboot for
    I Am Number Four
  • The
    I Am Number Four
    reboot is not certain to happen, but it does have a version of the script written.
  • The original
    I Am Number Four
    movie did not receive positive critical reviews.



A reboot movie of I Am Number Four is now in the works according to the book’s author. I Am Number Four is a YA science-fiction novel written by Pittacus Lore (a pseudonym of co-authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes) that was originally published in 2010. The book was adapted into a 2011 action film starring Alex Pettyfer.

Per Sci-Fi & Fantasy Gazette, a reboot of I Am Number Four is now in development. According to one of the book’s authors, Frey, work on a reboot of the film from original screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar is currently underway. Frey says that the production’s completion is not certain, but that he has “great people [he’s] working with who are trying to make it happen, for sure.” Check out the quote from Frey below:

Neal Moritz is producing a version of it that was written by the original writers, [Alfred Gough] and [Miles Millar], who just made Wednesday. So, we are in process on it and I can’t say whether it will actually ever get made or not, but I have great people I’m working with who are trying to make it happen, for sure.

Why A 2020s I Am Number Four Reboot Seems Like An Odd Choice

Teresa Palmer as Number Six in I Am Number Four.

A I Am Number Four reboot is unexpected. Coming out in 2011, I Am Number Four is not particularly old. Its source material is similarly modern, coming out just one year prior in 2010. With that, a reboot of I Am Number Four may have a tough time appealing to nostalgia. Unlike the movie, which only has one entry, the book version of I Am Number Four is part of a seven-novel series called The Lorien Legacies, which wrapped up in 2016. Readers of the series may be willing to give it another chance if it is adapted properly this time.


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Given the enormity of the series, it is surprising that Gough and Millar are returning once again as writers. Despite their success with Smallville, Wednesday, and Spider-Man 2, I Am Number Four never had a sequel. Having the writing team return may be a gamble to turn the reboot into a franchise given the poor reception of the initial movie.

For these reasons, rebooting I Am Number Four in the 2020s seems like an odd choice. It is an opportunity that might not come to fruition, as Frey admits that the I Am Number Four remake is not sure to happen. If it does come through, it will be interesting to see whether the I Am Number Four reboot can do better by the books than the 2011 movie.

I Am Number Four
is available to stream on Hulu.

Source: SFFGazette


I Am Number Four

John Smith is an alien, sent to Earth as a child along with eight others, to escape a deadly threat on his home planet. He and the others are known as the Garde, but when John is a teenager, the enemy learns of their existence. The Garde must be killed in order, and the first three are dead. John, the fourth member, is next.

D.J. Caruso

Release Date
February 18, 2011

Disney , DreamWorks Distribution

Alfred Gough , Miles Millar , Marti Noxon

Alex Pettyfer , Timothy Olyphant , Teresa Palmer , Dianna Agron , Callan McAuliffe , Kevin Durand , Jake Abel

109 minutes

$50-59 million

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