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  • Los Angeles shines as a character in
    , a modern take on the private detective genre.
  • Collin Farrell’s outsider perspective in the neo-noir series adds a unique twist.
  • Jazz music, black-and-white shots, and city imagery set the tone for the upcoming Apple TV series.

Los Angeles comes to life in a new sneak peak of Apple TV’s upcoming series Sugar, starring Collin Farrell as its namesake private detective. Helmed by Oscar-nominated director Fernando Meirelles the series aims to present a modern interpretation of the classic private detective genre. The series is billed as a “genre-bending story set in Los Angeles,” and the new sneak peak gives us a good look at it.

In the short clip courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, private detective John Sugar (Farrell) is driving around LA in a classic convertible as he dispels the notion that “L.A. is an up-all-night kinda town.” Rather he finds after midnight “You can come and go as you like,” setting the tone of the neo noir series. While the clip gives away nothing, it speaks volumes about the themes and tone of the series. The city is going to be a major part of the series and is showcased brilliantly in black-and-white shots, creating intrigue about the nature of the series.

LA Is a Prominent Character in ‘Sugar’

Sugar is created by Mark Protosevich, well known for features like Thor and I Am Legend, and is directed by Meirelles, who is well known for City of God, The Two Popes among others. The duo’s influence is apparent in the clip as it uses the narration of the protagonist, jazz music, and changing color schemes. Sugar’s outsider perspective was amplified by director Meirelles, Farrell reveals. “He just came to L.A. with this curiosity,” he explains. “He had no bias, he had no knowledge of it. He was just really curious and he found it head-scratching.” He further explained that he lived in L.A. for 20 years, “but just by virtue of living here for two decades, I’m more used to it, and of course, a little bit more jaded by it. But Fernando was like a kid.” The clip further builds on this perspective via the voice-over and the observations made by Sugar.

The Oscar-nominated actor described his character as “a keen observer of human behavior.” Further noting, “There’s nowhere really more fascinating in so many different ways in the world than this city. It’s so kaleidoscopic.” Which makes LA the perfect setting for a neo-noir. Along with the city as a character, the series casts Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Ruby, Amy Ryan as Melanie Mackie, Dennis Boutsikaris as Bernie Siegel, Alex Hernandez as Kenny, and Lindsay Pulsipher among others.

Sugar debuts globally on Apple TV with the first three episodes on April 5, with new episodes dropping every subsequent Wednesday for the remaining five weeks. You can check out the new clip on EW’s website.

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Sugar (2024)

Private investigator John Sugar examines the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Siegel, the granddaughter of a legendary Hollywood producer.

Release Date
April 5, 2024


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