• Avar Kriss is a key Jedi in The High Republic, showcased in a stunning cosplay by wayseekercosplay.
  • Avar’s unique Force abilities help unite the Jedi against the Nihil threat in a symphony of strength.
  • Despite her compassion and wisdom, Avar faces struggles that make her a compelling Jedi in the High Republic.



One of Star Wars: The High Republic’s most captivating Jedi shines in a stunning new Star Wars cosplay. The High Republic, which is set a few hundred years before the events of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, has introduced countless new Jedi, but few have made as much of an impact as Avar Kriss. After the Republic and the Jedi first encountered the dangerous marauders known as the Nihil, Avar stepped up and saved millions of lives by uniting the Jedi within the Force. Avar has made a huge difference in the fight against the Nihil. Her compassion and resilience are apparent in each High Republic story.

Cosplayer @wayseekercosplay has honored Avar Kriss’ character with a wonderfully accurate cosplay. Avar’s modest headpiece is unmistakable, and her green lightsaber shines brightly, a beacon of light in the fight against the Nihil. This version of Avar has been in the fight for a while, a few minor cuts scattered across her face.

Though The High Republic’s storytelling has begun to expand on Disney+ with Young Jedi Adventures and The Acolyte, Star Wars: The High Republic is first and foremost a publishing initiative. Including an edit of the cosplay on the cover of a High Republic Marvel comic makes wayseekercosplay’s efforts all the more fun and impressive.


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Why Is Avar Kriss Such An Important Jedi During The High Republic Era?

Avar has a very particular way of experiencing the Force – she sees it as a piece of music, a complex symphony. Within this symphony, she can sense and manipulate the natural bonds between Force-users. She can strengthen those bonds through a communications network, of sorts, allowing the Jedi to support one another during their most troubling times and lean on each other’s strength. Using this power, Avar and her fellow Jedi saved the lives of millions in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace Disaster, which scattered debris at random points in the galaxy through hyperspace, as orchestrated by the Nihil.

As the Marshall of Starlight Beacon, a newly built space station in the Outer Rim, Avar has tirelessly dedicated herself to tracking down the Nihil and shutting them down once and for all. She’s compassionate, yes, noble, and wise, but she isn’t infallible. That’s what makes her so interesting – in her haste to defeat the Nihil, Avar has allowed herself to be trapped by her fury. She’s been instrumental in saving lives and tracking the Nihil, but even the most powerful and prudent Jedi struggle. Those struggles are what make Avar Kriss one of Star Wars: The High Republic’s most compelling and important Jedi.

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