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  • Kristen Doute faced backlash for sharing a rumor about Michelle Lally being racist.
  • Lally was shocked and upset by the false rumor, confronting Caperna about the accusation.
  • Caperna believes Doute targeted her due to prior issues and has cut ties with Doute, feeling betrayed.

The new reality seriesThe Valley, a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, has already had a lot of drama filling it out. Partly because of Kristen Doute. In a preview for the next episode of the series, we get to see the cast turning on Doute for sharing a rumor she heard about Michelle Lally. Lally, who was married to Jesse Lally, at the time talks to her husband in the preview, and Brittany Cartwright relays the story to her husband, Jax Taylor, and tells him how Doute said she heard that Lally was racist.

Kristen starts bringing up that Janet [Caperna] told Jasmine [Goode] that Michelle [Lally] was racist and a Republican and all this crap,” Cartwright said to Taylor. “Then she said, ‘Actually, that is what Zack [Wickham] told me.’” The issue seemingly is that Doute is trying to stir up drama, something she has done since her time on Vanderpump Rules, but the cast of The Valley isn’t standing for Doute spreading a rumor of a rumor from someone else. It was made worse in the clip when Lally told her husband about it and then got confirmation from Janet Caperna about what happened.

“I’m still shocked to be honest with you. Like completely shocked,” Lally said. “I’m really upset because Janet wouldn’t say that or else she wouldn’t be my friend. I’m the one who is first-generation Mexican and Persian. I’m just so shocked and confused by the whole thing.” Lally then calls Caperna to get her side of the story, to which Caperna reveals that she never said that about Lally and didn’t know what Doute was talking about. “OK, that’s complete bulls—t. To throw around a huge accusation like that. I need to have a conversation with her because that makes me furious with her,” she said. “That word and your name has never come out of my mouth in the same sentence. This is a whole new low even for Kristen.”

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Kristen Doute and Janet Caperna Had a Falling Out

Janet Caperna poses in front of a house in a promotional photo for 'The Valley'
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In a confessional, Caperna shared her side of the story and why she thought that Doute was trying to say she said something she did not. “Kristen and I have been close for years. About a year ago, I had to put up a boundary with Kristen because her relationship with Alex [Menache] was so up and down that it was making my head spin. As soon as I put up a boundary with Kristen, she didn’t like that.”


‘Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright Hit Her Breaking Point With Jax Taylor

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She went on to accuse Doute of coming after her. “It feels like any opportunity she has to throw me under the bus, she does. To wait until her sick pregnant friend isn’t around to throw around a huge accusation like that. F—k her.”

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