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The Matrix 5 announcement prompts a divided response from fans and even leads some to defend The Matrix Resurrections. The original trilogy – which consisted of The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions – was written and directed by the Wachowskis and released from 1999 to 2003, while the legacy sequel, The Matrix Resurrections, was directed solely by Lana Wachowski and released in 2021. Now, a fifth film is officially moving forward without the Wachowskis, and Drew Goddard, known for writing World War Z and The Martian, taking over as director.



Shortly after The Matrix 5 confirmation courtesy of Warner Bros., fans took to social media to share their reactions to the announcement. Overall, fans are divided on The Matrix movie being made without the Wachowskis, which has even led some to reevaluate The Matrix Resurrections. Check a few of the reactions below:

@ScottMendelson says, “If audiences wanted another Matrix movie, they would have shown up to Matrix Resurrections. They barely showed up, relatively speaking, to Matrix Revolutions 20.5 years ago. Not every once-successful film(s) is an endlessly exploitable IP.

@jordanjwoodson says, “Making a Matrix 5, especially one without either of the Wachowskis writing/directing, goes against the entire message of Resurrections.”

@TheRealMattC reluctantly approves of The Matrix 5 without the Wachowskis and letting “other directors play in the sandbox,” mentioning how George Lucas “handed offThe Empire Strikes Back to director Irvin Kershner and Return of the Jedi to Richard Marquand, “and they were great.

@BenSTravis is “deeply conflicted” about The Matrix 5 without the Wachowskis, saying that “Drew is a great director. But The Matrix is the Wachowskis; the Wachowskis *are* The Matrix. And the things that made The Matrix Resurrections so thrilling are the things that literally only a Wachowski would choose to do…

@0liviaolive says “they accidentally chose the writer of The Martian,” referring to Drew Goddard, “they mean to hire the director. Ridley Scott’s Matrix 5 is the only acceptable non-Wachowski version.”

@MrGlinis says, “I’m so confused. it feels like just a couple years ago, when Matrix 4 came out, everyone was super psyched for it. they announce Matrix 5 and suddenly everyone has turned on the franchise?? did i miss something? was Matrix 4 really that bad? i mean it was bad but not thaat bad.”

@miscrave is “sad to see Wachowski’s gone,” but is “excited for Matrix 5. I liked 4. I don’t necessarily want Neo back but the new cast could return. Or it can take place during a different period. All is ok.

@mrcjprice193​​​​​​​ is “cautiously looking forward to it,” saying, “The matrix trilogy are literally some of my all time favorite movies… A matrix 5 not done by any of the wachowskis has me a bit scared but I do like Drew Goddard.”

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