Has Scheana Shay dipped her toe in the lady pond?

The Big Picture

  • Scheana Shay has a “no kissing girls” rule in her relationship with her husband, Brock Davies.
  • Shay shared about past flings with female friends, including kissing Ariana Madix.
  • Shay had a brief relationship with a woman before Davies, but cut it off when they started dating.

Scheana Shay is an open book. Her relationships have played out on reality television, and before meeting her husband, Brock Davies, she recently shared details of making out with other women. While talking on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Shay opened up about her past fling with a female friend. She also talked about how she kissed her female friends before, like Ariana Madix. But the news of Shay dating a woman was surprising since we did not hear about it on Vanderpump Rules.

We’ve had a few moments. She’s a good kisser. She’s hot as f-ck,” Shay said of Madix. “Now in my relationship with Brock that is like a big no-no. He’s not cool with that whatsoever.” Shay went on to talk about why her relationship with Davies is a “no kissing girls” zone. Apparently, Shay was sort of seeing a woman before meeting him, and then she broke it off, leaving the woman heartbroken, because she met Davies. Shay explained that he would see them kissing at parties and it just made it a rule for them. “It just really bothers him. It’s a trigger from a past relationship. When I met Brock I was kind of in a thing with a girl and he knew that. So I think our relationship starting out that way,” she explained.

Even when Doute said that it was “so long ago,” Shay still went on to explain further, saying “But he was there watching her and I at her birthday party make out. Then Brock and I started dating, and I had to completely cut her off and I hurt her.”

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When talking about the woman she was seeing before Davies, she said that it was still in the wait-and-see phase. “We were kind of exploring and seeing if we were gonna take it further,” Shay said.


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“But then I met Brock so I never was able to fully explore that relationship.” Shay did not share the name of this woman but did say that the woman. It’s unclear if they had any further contact since she’s been married.

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