• Monkey Man
    writer, director and star Dev Patel is choosing to focus on the release of the first film rather than ”
    get ahead
    ” of himself with sequel plans.
  • Monkey Man
    marks Patel’s directorial debut, and its first reviews have been positive.
  • Whether the film gets a sequel will depend on how it performs at the box office.



Monkey Man writer, director, and star Dev Patel offers a cautious response regarding a potential Monkey Man 2. Marking Patel’s directorial debut, the upcoming film sees him playing Kid, a man who sets out on a path for revenge against the corrupt leaders who killed his mother. Monkey Man‘s reviews out of its SXSW premiere were positive, and it’s now poised to make its theatrical bow.

In a recent interview with Variety as Monkey Man releases in theaters, Patel addresses whether a Monkey Man 2 will be moving forward anytime soon. The director offers up a somewhat cautious and non-committal response, instead choosing to celebrate the first movie, which has been a labor of love to bring to the screen. Check out Patel’s full comment below:

“I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. I know this sounds like a cliché, but just to … birth this little thing, it’s been a huge undertaking. This is all a dream come true.”


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How Likely Is A Monkey Man Sequel?

Dev Patel’s Directorial Debut Will Need One Thing To Get A Follow-Up

Considering Monkey Man hasn’t even had a full weekend in theaters yet, it’s still far too early for a decision to be made regarding whether a sequel will move forward. The positive buzz and reviews are certainly a good sign, but what a sequel will need to get the green light is for the first film to perform well at the box office. From the first Monkey Man trailer, the film was being compared favorably to the John Wick movies and other popular action franchises, meaning it could end up attracting a similar audience.

Monkey Man‘s production budget has not yet been revealed, making it a challenge to pinpoint exactly how much the film has to earn to be considered a success. Universal reportedly acquired the film for less than $10 million, however, a very modest sum, meaning the distributor is already in great shape. Recent box office projections shared by THR predict Monkey Man could open to around $13–$14 million, but the movie could certainly pick up steam with positive word-of-mouth.

It’s also not clear exactly how much the Monkey Man ending sets up a sequel, or if the first film is better served as a standalone story. If Patel’s character remains alive and kicking when the end credits roll, however, it’s certainly possible he could return. It remains to be seen whether Monkey Man 2 moves forward, but the buzz for the first film is certainly a positive sign.

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