• Nicholas Galitzine was in talks with Marvel for a role in The Fantastic Four but ultimately lost out to Joseph Quinn.
  • Galitzine confirmed he discussed playing Johnny Storm, but Quinn was chosen instead, perhaps for his vulnerability and charm.
  • While Galitzine would have been a solid choice, Marvel had their reasons for choosing Quinn, leaving the potential for future roles.



Nicholas Galitzine, star of The Idea of You, confirmed that he had been in talks with Marvel for a major role in The Fantastic Four movie, before ultimately losing out on the role. Marvel seemed to take a long time announcing the cast of Fantastic Four, and there were plenty of rumors circulating about who might get what role. While Galitzine’s name was brought up often during that time, Marvel went in a different direction for The Fantastic Four cast.

When speaking with Variety, Galitzine confirmed that he had discussed playing Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four. Galitzine even said he got swept up in the rumor mill himself, and had to double-check with his team that it wasn’t true:

I was like, ‘Guys, I’m sure it’s not true, but I have to make certain it’s not true.’ And they go, ‘Yeah, it’s not true.’

Galitzine ended up losing out to Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn. Quinn and Galitzine are friends, so Galitzine actually learned who he had lost the role to before the official Fantastic Four cast was announced.


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Would Nicholas Galitzine Have Been A Better Choice For Johnny Storm?

Marvel Cast Stranger Things Actor Joseph Quinn In The Fantastic Four

Nicholas Galitzine’s body of work has shown off his impressive acting skills. He has the range to go dramatic, like in Mary & George, but has also proven to have excellent comedy skills in Bottoms. Comedic timing would be good for Johnny Storm, and Galitzine also has the look and the charm to play The Fantastic Four’s most charismatic member. Had Galitzine been chosen for the role, there’s no doubt he would have done a good job, but that doesn’t mean Marvel made the wrong choice.

Quinn also has an earnest sense of vulnerability that will help Johnny be more empathetic.

Joseph Quinn’s time on Stranger Things was an excellent audition for Johnny Storm. He managed to take a character that could come off as a little sleazy and made him one of the most lovable additions to the cast. Quinn also has an earnest sense of vulnerability that will help Johnny be more empathetic, even when he can sometimes be a jerk.

While Galitzine would also have been a solid choice, it’s hard to say he would be any better than Joseph Quinn. It’s possible that Galitzine could have future talks with Marvel about other potential roles that need to be filled. After all, there is a whole host of X-Men that will be joining the MCU at some point, and Galitzine could be a good choice for several of them. Though many likely would have been happy with Galitzine in The Fantastic Four, Marvel likely had their reasons for choosing Quinn instead.

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