Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve is teaming up again with Legendary Entertainment for his first new feature film after the sci-fi success.


  • Denis Villeneuve’s next movie after
    Dune: Part Two
    will be based on Annie Jacobsen’s nonfiction novel
    Nuclear War: A Scenario
  • The acclaimed director’s collaboration with Legendary Entertainment continues with his upcoming project.
  • The movie will come out after
    Dune Messiah
    is complete and will focus on the horrors of a possible nuclear war scenario.



Director Denis Villeneuve‘s first movie after Dune: Part Two has been announced, and will be another production alongside him and Legendary Entertainment. The sci-fi director’s latest theatrical hit has garnered $630.1 million at the box office as of writing, making it likely he’ll be able to craft another installment in the future. His next planned installment is an adaptation of Dune Messiah, the sequel novel to Herbert’s original 1965 sci-fi book.

However, Deadline reports that Villeneuve’s next movie following Dune: Part Two‘s release will be a film based on Annie Jacobsen’s nonfiction novel Nuclear War: A Scenario. Teaming up with Legendary once more to make the movie, the director is expected to make the film after Dune Messiah is finished. This means it could be quite some time until the director’s new project about nuclear warfare is cemented.

What To Expect From Denis Villeneuve’s Nuclear War Movie

TImothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides in front of a massive explosion in Dune Part Two
Custom image by Ryan Northrup

Jacobsen, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, wrote Nuclear War: A Scenario as a nonfiction examination of what would happen to humanity if a nuclear war were to happen. Her sources include dozens of military personnel and civilians who know of response plans should such a war break out in the world. For Villeneuve’s adaptation, it would serve as a cautionary movie about what could happen should countries abuse the weapons they now have at their disposal.

While Dune: Part Two‘s ending touched on the notion of people using major weapons against each other in wartime, the major focus of the film was on its characters. With Nuclear War, though, the film can focus on the large-scale impact of such weapons in a more grounded setting. The horror it could explore could be compared to last year’s Oppenheimer, delving deeper into the what-if scenario of the world using nuclear weapons against one another.



Dune 2 Makes Denis Villeneuve’s $267.7 Million Box Office Bomb From 7 Years Ago Even Worse

Dune: Part Two has been both an enormous critical and commercial success, making the failings of an earlier sci-fi epic seen even more disappointing.

Since it seems the movie won’t be made until after Dune Messiah arrives, Villeneuve has plenty of time to fully develop what the upcoming adaptation is going to focus on. With Jacobsen’s book being centered around real-world possibilities, it’s unclear how this is going to translate to a big-budget production. However, given the talent the director has showcased throughout his various projects – and most notably his Dune adaptation – the upcoming nuclear-focused film will no doubt be another memorable addition to his filmography.

Dune: Part Two
is still playing in theaters.

Source: Deadline

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