The Tron 3 release date is finally confirmed by Disney over 14 years after the sci-fi franchise was last seen on the big screen with Legacy.

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  • Tron 3
    , titled
    Tron: Ares
    , is finally set to release on October 10, 2025, after a lengthy development process.
  • Jared Leto stars as the lead character Ares in the sequel to 2010’s
  • Directed by Joachim Rønning, this sci-fi action adventure film continues the legacy of the
    franchise by Disney, while also offering a twist on its formula.



After a lengthy development cycle, Tron 3 has finally landed a release date.

Just a few months after production began on the sci-fi threequel, The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that Tron: Ares is officially releasing on October 10, 2025. The movie’s release date will put it in theaters just shy of 15 years of when its predecessor, Legacy, was released, itself having taken over 28 years to be developed and made. The release date confirmation also comes just over a month after the first image was revealed of Jared Leto’s titular character, with the promise of a 2025 release window.

This custom image shows Ares from TRON: ARES from the back with a glow around him.
Custom Image by Dani Kessel Odom


Source: THR

Tron Mondo Poster

Tron: Ares

Tron: Ares is the third film in the Tron franchise created by Steven Lisberger in the early ’80s. The movie is a direct sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy and stars Jared Leto in the lead role of Ares. Jesse Wigutow penned the screenplay for Disney, who previously worked on the 2015 TV Movie, The Prince. 

Joachim Rønning

Release Date
December 19, 2025

Jesse Wigutow

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