• Lois Lane actor Rachel Brosnahan may have revealed Superman’s cape in the background of an Instagram post.
  • James Gunn responds to a fan’s question about the
    cape, fueling speculation with ambiguous emojis.
  • Curiously, the color of the cape in Brosnahan’s post doesn’t match the colors previously suggested by James Gunn’s own social media posts.



Superman director James Gunn fuels speculation around Rachel Brosnahan’s possibly accidental reveal of David Corenswet’s DCU cape. As Superman‘s 2025 release date approaches, James Gunn has been sharing little details behind Superman‘s production, including Superman‘s star-studded cast and the DCU’s official Superman chest symbol. Before the full Superman suit is revealed, however, the next step might be revealing Superman’s cape. In fact, it’s possible that David Corenswet’s Superman cape has already been made public.

On Threads, James Gunn has provided an ambiguous response to a fan’s doubts surrounding the cape in the background of Rachel Brosnahan‘s recent Instagram post. Gunn’s emojis neither confirm nor deny whether the cape in Brosnahan’s post is the one David Corenswet will wear in Superman. See the posts below:

James Gunn's Response to Fan Speculation Around Superman's Cape Reveal on Threads

Is That Really David Corenswet’s Superman Cape?

How The Bright Red Color Compares To James Gunn’s Superman Costume Tease

David Corenswet as the new Superman with the DCU logo
Custom image by Simon Gallagher

The red cape in Rachel Brosnahan’s post doesn’t seem to match the red of Superman’s official chest logo, nor does it match the red of the chair from James Gunn’s previous posts, where David Corenswet’s dog Ira is also sitting. The hue of the cape in Brosnahan’s post is lighter and more vibrant than the crest and the chair. However, it’s possible that David Corenswet’s Superman suit will sport two slightly different kinds of red — possibly a bright one for the cape and a darker one for the crest, boots, and the accents on the suit.

It’s important to remember that Hawkgirl actor Isabela Merced was the first to reveal the Superman crest design. In late February 2024, Merced shared a nameplate with the logo on an Instagram story. Days later, James Gunn took to Threads to share the official Superman crest symbol on the suit. Now, it might have been Rachel Brosnahan’s turn to build hype by teasing the cape’s reveal before an official post from James Gunn. If this theory is accurate, then the full cape reveal may be closer than expected.

The full Superman cape reveal can also bring its own surprises. Rachel Brosnahan’s post doesn’t show the upper part of the cape, which may be hiding the yellow or golden Superman crest that many versions of the suit possess — including Christopher Reeves’. Also, if this cape is the official one, then an eventual image of David Corenswet wearing the cape could also be fast approaching. While the color of the cape in Rachel Brosnahan’s post and James Gunn’s ambiguous response may create doubts, it’s possible that Ira the dog has become the designated bearer of Superman suit updates.

Source: James Gunn / Threads, Rachel Brosnahan / Instagram

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